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Is paper a renewable or nonrenewable resources?
Is wool a renewable or nonrenewable resources?
Is graphite a renewable or nonrenewable resources?
Is gypsum a renewable or nonrenewable resources?
What are the 3 R's of Conservation?
Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle
What are two products we get from plants?
Food and cloth
What are two products we get from animals?
Fur and meat
3 minerals and how are they used.
Quarts: They can be used in clocks
Rock salt: Used to melt ice or snow
Graphite: Used in pencils
Are organisms renewable or nonrenewable? Why or why not.
They are considered renewable resources becaude they can produce more living things like themselves.
Is plastic renewable or nonrenewable? Explain your answer.
Plastic is nonrenewable because it is made from pretrolium.
List materials that can be recycled.
Cans, paper, metal, alumenim.
3 ways to reuse materials.
Make a compost pile, use a shoebox for organizing your room, and reuse your grocery bags.
What is the difference between Cellular Resperation and photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis is when oxygen is released into the air as a waste product. Cellular Resperations is the process in which food is broken down to get energy.
Why is it important to find alturnatives to nonrenewable resources?
We could run out of nonrenewable resources. It also sets off polution when you burn nonrenewable resources. Lastly, it destroys habitats.
What is the definition of Material resource?
Any product we get that is made from things in nature.