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Delorme / Light-To-Heavy Sets
1 * 10 at 50% of 10RM
<= 90s
1 * 10 at 75% of 10RM
<= 90s
1 * 10 at 100% of 10RM
Two or more exercises for a body part in a row. Can be either two exercises for the same muscle group or alternating agonist and antagonist.
Three exercises for the same muscle group performed in sequence with no rest. This is one set.
Descending (drop) sets
Complete as many reps in strict form as you can then - without resting - reduce the weight by 20 - 50% and continue to point of failure. Process can be repeated.
3 * 6 RM
Pyramid training
Multiple set training in which the weight is increased in each set and the number of repetitions reduced or vice versa.
Split routines
Training of different body parts on different days.
Forced/assisted reps
Using a spotter to work beyond the point of failure.
The prime mover is fatigued using an isolation exercise prior to performing a compound exercise.
A compund exercise is performed first, then followed by an isolation exercise.