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total destruction
the mat of roots and earth beneath the prairie grasses
people granted land by the government in exchange for farming it
open range
unfenced grassland
the eastern part of the plains where tall grasses grow
Why was the transcontinental railroad built?
Link the eastern and western states
What was the goal of the Dawes Act?
End tribal ownership of lands.
What did the Homestead Act do?
Granted farmland to people who were willing to move to the West.
What did the Nez Perce do?
They tried to flee to Canada.
What was the result of the Battle of Little Bighorn?
The last real victory for the Indians.
What problems did farmers on the Great Plains face?
Drought, lack of trees, and they needed to fence their land.
Why were railroads important to the cattle ranching industry?
They were the method by which ranchers shipped their cattle to market.
areas of land set aside for Indian nations
What new technology led homesteaders to plow their land to plant crops?
steel plow
Be able to answer questions on latitude and longitude.

What's latitude? longitude?
Lines that run from east to west.

Lines that run from north to south.
Why did the buffalo on the plains face extermination?
Miners, railroad workers, and settlers killed millions of them.
What new technology enabled ranchers to move their cattle to markets where they could be sold?
What new technology enabled homesteaders to water their crops?
What new technology enabled farmers to harvest more wheat?