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How many times does IACUC meet?
once a month
what does IACUC stand for?
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
What are four of the five members of IACUC
Vet, Scientist, Lay member, Unaffiliated person, Clergy/ethicist/lawyer
what are the 8 ethical groups?
Religious, Utilitarian, Natural law, Naturalism, Rights, Alturism, Deontology, Prima Facie, Universalist
what are the six ethical rights?
negative, positive, natural, legal, human, moral
what are the seven prima facie foundations?
Promise keeping, reparation for harm done, gratitude, justice, beneficence, self-improvement, non-malfeasance
what is the definition of euthansia?
a humane way of ending an animals life without causing pain or distress
what is an important aspect for a euthanasia agent?
renders the animal unconcious before dying
define Congenic
an inbred strain that differs from arent inbred strain at one gene
define Isogenic
an inbred strain that does not differ from parent inbred strain
define F1 hybrid
genetically uniform population of animals with numerous heterozygous gene produced mating two different inbred strains.
Define SPF
Specific Pathogen Free- tested for specific pathogens, does not mean disease free
define VAF
Varified Antigen Free- free of known diseases
Define Axenic
germ free
what are the cage height requierments for mouse, rats, hamsters, gerbails G pigs and rabbits?
mouse - 5
R/G/H- 7
Genus and species name for cat?
Felis catus
Genus and species name for dog?
Canis familiaris
Genus and species name for Ferrets?
Mustela putorius furo
Genus and species name for chinchilla
Chinchilla laniger
Genus and species name for Gerbils
Meriones unguiculatus
Genus and species name for rabbit?
Oryctolagus cuniculus
Genus and species name for Xenopus
Xenopus sp.
Genus and species name for zebra fish
Danio rerio
Genus and species name for hamsters
Mesocricetus auratus
Genus and species name for Guinea pigs?
Cavia porcellus
Genus and species name for Mouse
Mus musculus
Genus and species name for rats
Rattus norvegicus
what does a nude mouse lack?
what are the five analgesic drug classes and example of each?
opioid agonist - morphine
opioid agonist/antagonist- butorphanol
dissociative- ketamine
NSAID- asprin
Barbituates- pentobarbital
Benzodiazepine- diazepam
what is the genus and secies of a Rhesus monkey?
Macaca mulatta
what are the four types of transgenic mice?
stud, vasectomized male, donor mouse, recipient mouse
unique features of hamster? ferret? chinchilla? gerbils?
H-cheek pouches, hybernate when cold
F- can bend spine in half
C-dust bath, fur slip
G- seize when loud noise
how much space does a 4 kg rabbit need?
4 ft squared
how much space does a 26 g mouse need?
15 square inches
how much space does a 250 g rat need?
29 square inches
how much space does a 400 g rat need?
40 square inches
what are two diseases caused by bacteria that zebra fish get?
Velvet disease- caused by Oodinium pillularis

Mycobacteriosis- fish TB caused by Mycobacterium marinum
how should you prevent diseases in zebra fish?
washing hands, not letting water mix, sterilizing all equipment, cleaning water, reduce stress, eliminate sick fish
water caused troubles to zebra fish?
copper tozicity, ammonia tox, gas bubble disease
what does allodynia mean?
when nerve endings become exhausted an ordinary stimulus previously innocuous, may generate a noxious reaction
define nociception
nerve pathway that transmits pain stimulus
define afferent pathway
pathway connecting afferent nerves connecting PNS to CNS
what are methods of assesing pain?
posturing, vocalizing, anorexia, guarding, inability to right, loss of homeostasis, rapid breathing
signs of distress?
vocalization, anorexia, diarrhea, hunched posture, ruffled fur, porphyrin tears
assesment of pain?
interacting w/cage mates, crying, limb withdrawal, biting, redness, temp, loss of function, resume normal behavior quickly
difficulties in assesing pain?
lack of knowledge, lack of awareness of protocol by staff, lack of access to class drugs, great variability among species in pharmacodynamics, lack of objective criteria to asses pain
in the animal welfare act what are the three areas of respect to sanitation?
- removal of excreta
- minimizing spread of disease
- maintaining odors at low level
difference between latex gloves and nitrile gloves?
nitrile blue, are puncture resistant, 100% tested

latex not largly tested, some high blowout rate