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a ___ study records events, observations activities, describes unusual events
Descriptive Design
_____ Case report, Clinical series, population, program or course
descriptive design
alert, rare conditions are advantages of what type design?
unable to answer causality and question of why are disadvantages of ______ design
_____designs provide insight into etiology, cause, efficacy
explanatory design
___design seek causes etiologies predictors, comparison unlike groups, experiment as bystander
Case control-past
Cross sectional-present
are types of _______studies
A _____ study begins with outcome and compares habits of the past with people who dont share th outcome, does participation in sports affect diabetes?
case control
A ____ begins with 2+ groups, assess differences to risk factors btw groups-asthma smoke/dont smoke, breast cancer
cross sectional
____ begin with people who not yet expeienced outcome, measure risk factors, assess outcome in future
longitudinal (cohort)
attempts to find explanations, can assess risk, and reasonable approach when experimental not feasible are advantages of _____ studies?
cant make causal statments, 3rd variable problem are disadvantages with that studies?
controlled trial, clinical trial, health care trial, and intervention trial are parts of ____ studies
evaluate efficacy of theraputic interventions is the purpose of what studies?
____studies has homogenous people split 2 groups, give 2 different drugs, investigator controls:allocation, selection treatments
__ equal likelihood assign treatment
___investi not know # group assign pt

___invesigator nor subject know
single blind
double blind
___ are clear rules for who does/doesnt get into study, safe, identify, answer q's, removal due to noncompliance
inclusion/exclusion criteria
gold standard of knowledge for efficacy, can make causal statements about efficacy, conclusions most likely held up by future studies are advantages of what designs?
difficult and costly, treatment may not generalize are disadvantages of what design?
____ is phase drug study, small # (20-80) safety, dosage range, possible side effects
Phase I
___is phase large # (100-300) eval safety and effectiveness how many 0's?
phase II
_____ is phase large groups (1000-3000) to confirm effectiveness monitor side effects, compare to common treatments, collect info how many 0's?
phase III
____ is phase after drug marketed continue testing, collect info
phase IV
All research with humans must be approved by_____
IRB Institutional review board
______ encourage standardization of electronic data transfer
protects against unauthorized access