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Factorial Design
Experiment in which more than one independent variable is manipulated
Independent sample
Each condition of the independent variable is experienced by one group of participants
Matched pairs
Each participant in one group/condition is paired on specific variables with a participant in another group/condition.
Repeated measures
Each participant experiences all levels of the independent variable.
Related design
Design in which individual scores in other conditions
Single participant
Design in which only one particpant is tested in several trials at all independent variable levels
Design in which indivdual scores in one condition cannot be paired or linked in any way with individual scores in any condition
Independent Variable
Variable which expeimenter manipulates in an experiement and which is assumned to have a direct effect on the dependent variable
Order Effects
A confunding effect caused by experiencing one condition ,then another such as a practice.
Particpant Variables
Person variables differing in proportion across different experimental groups and possibly confunding results
Placebo group
Group of participants that don't recieve the critical "treatment" but everything else the experimental group recieves.
Pre test
Measure of particpants before an experiment in order to balance or compare groups , or to assess change by comparison with scores after the experiment
Putting stimulus items or trial types into random order for the purpose of elimination of the order effects.
Standardised Procedure
Testing or measuring behaviour with exactly the same formalised routine for all particpants.