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Dependent variable
The characteristic that is measured. The experiment has no control over the variable.
Independent variable?
The treatment,or the characteristics that is believed to make a difference.
Internal Validity
Determines if the difference in the dependent variable are the direct result of the independent variable.
External Validity
Determines if the results are generalized to groups outside the experimental settings.
History (Research section)
Affects performance on the affects performance on theindependent variable during the time of treatment. But its not the independent variable.
The physical or mental changes that occur within subjects over time.
Improved results on the post-test as result of the subject having taken the pre-test.
Results from a problem with the instrument used for assessment: changes in the measuring device or procedure over the course of study.
Statistical Regression
Tendency for scores to regress toward the mean.
Occurs when subjects drops out of the study.