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A brief description of completedstudy(at the beginning of the article)
Overall plan for addressing a research question.
Organizing & synthesing data in ways that research questions can be answered & hypothesis can be tested
A situation involving a enigmatic, perplexing, or conflict condition that can beinvestigated thru disciplinary inquiry.
Problem area
A statement of research problem sometimes phrased in the form of a question.
Problem Statement
A critical summary of research topic of interest.
Literature Review
Can be manipulated. is the cause or the stimulus.
Independent variable
Is observed or measured and if the outcome or effect.
Dependent variable
Takes form of the presence vs absence of particular treatment being studies or compared ex. # of pts in waiting room
discrete variable
Can be divided in to two mutually exclusive groups.
Male/Female true/false
dichotomous variable
A single abstract idea
More abstract and refers to culture( group of concepts)
Potential weaknesses of a study
Statements that are taken for granted and considered tru even though they haven't been tested
Stated in terms opposite to the research hypothesis & maintains that there is no diffenece b/t variables
Null hypothesis
A statement of relationship between two or more variables. A prediction of how they are related.
Research hypothesis
Who is the director of the NINR?
Patricia O'Grady RN PHd
The assignment of numbers to objectives according ot specified rule to characterize quantities of an attribute.
The transference of research to nursing process
Research Utilization
Drawing conclusion based on EBN, clinical expertise, pt preference and other factors
Clinical Decision Making