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What produces estrogen and progesterone and develops eggs (ova)?
Does it belong to males or females?
Ovaries; It belongs to females.
What is the male reproductive organ?
The penis.
Where is the sperm stored? It is where the sperm also matures.
What does the Fallopian Tube do? Is it located in the male's body or the female's body?
It connects the ovary to the uterus (but they aren't physically connected); located in female's body.
Where does the baby develop if the egg is fertilized by sperm?
What carries semen out of the body? Is this in the male or female body? It also is part of what system?
Urethra; male; urinary system.
What is the sac that holds testes and regulates their temperature?
The scrotum.
The seminal vessicle, cowpers gland, and prostate gland combine with sperm to form what? What elso do they do?
Semin; they offer nourishment, protection, and lubrication.
What is the cervix? To which gender does it belong?
The neck of the uterus; female.
What does the Vas Deferens do and to which gender does it belong?
It connects the epididymis to the urethra; male.
What produces testosteron and sperm?
The testes.
What connects the uterus to the outside world? To which gender does the ______ belong to?
The vagina; female.
Which of the following is not in the female body?

a. Cervix
b. Epididymus
c. Vagina
d. Uterus
Choice b (Epididymus) because the Epididymus is where the sperm is located and females do not have sperm, rather, they have eggs (known as ova).
The baby only develops if the egg is:

a. Clean
b. A feces
c. Fertilized
d. In the right position-head down
Choice c (Fertilized) because an egg isn't exactly always clean being inside a reproductive system filled with blood. A feces is actually a piece of dung, and it can't be head down because the head isn't even formed yet.
True / False: The penis carries semen out of the body.
False; the Urethra carries semen out of the body.