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Layers of the Uterus
Muscle Layer

Basal Layer

Decidual Layer
What produces the Decidual Layber?
Basal Layer
How long does the Secondary Oocyte take to get to Uterus?
3-5 days
Formation of Oogenesis
Another Oogenium
Primary Oocyte

1st polar body
Secondary Oocyte

2 polar bodies
Ovum + Polar Body
Where does Fertilization Occur?
Fallopian Tubes
Sperm Cell attaches to which cell? Then?
Secondary Oocyte and waites inside of cell for division.
What does Secondary Oocyte have more Cytoplasm?
Cytoplasm serves as food during.
What controls Hormones of Menstrual Cycle?
GN-RF - GonadoTrophin Releasing Factor
What happens during First Phase of Follicle Cycle? (4)
FSH is released from Pituitary

Causes Grafian Follicle to mature

Which produces estrogen

Antrum becomes full of fluid.
What happens during end of follicle stage?
Graffian Follicle produces Inhibin
Inhibin (2)
Feeds back to Pituitary to shut off FSH and release LH

Which causes Graffian Follicle to swell and burst to let out the secondary Oocyte.
What is released during human ovulation? Animals?
Human - Secondary oocyte

Animal - Ovum
What is formed after the Follicle Heals?
Endocrine Gland Corpus Luteum i.e Yellow Body
Yellow Body
If it has LH it produces Estrogen and Progesterone
Estrogen & Progesterone (2)
Builds up Basal Layer which produces Decidual Layer

Shuts off LH
What happens to Corpus Luteum w/o LH? (3)
It will die

then Estrogen & Progesterone levels will lower as well.

Causing the decidual layer to drop