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What gland surrounds the portion of the urethra located near the base of the urinary bladder and secretes a clear fluid that preserves the sperm
Prostate gland
Structure in the female where fertilization occurs
Fallopian tubes
The inner lining of the uterus
Surgical procedure shortly after birth to remove foreskin
What are twins from the same embryo who share the same placenta but have different amniotic sacs. They come from the same egg and sperm.
Identical twins
What hormone signals the mature follicle to release the ovum from the ovary
Luteinizing hormone
The continuous process of events liked to one menstrual period to the beginning of the next
Menstrual cycle
Each ovum is enclosed in a tiny sac called a
Menstrual flow lasts how long
5 days (3-7 days)
The embryo is wrapped in fluid filled protective covering called
Amniotic sac
What organ surrounds the embryo and provides oxygen, blood and nourishment
What hormone is sent to the ovary to stimulate follicles to start growing during the postmenstrual phase of the menstrual cycle
FSH - follicle stimulating hormone
What is the female hormone
From the 2nd to the 9th month, the fertilized egg is called a
What kind of twins happen when an ovary releases more than one egg and each egg is fertilized by a different sperm
Fraternal twins
What hormone stimulates the endometrium to begin to thicken
What is a birth where the feet or butt of the baby enters the birth canal first
Breech birth
What is the male hormone
When the ovum is released on about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle it is called
This male external organ produces sperm and the male sex hormone testosterone
The circular fold of skin that covers and protects the glans
When the penis is in a nonerect state it is said to be
When a male becomes sexually aroused, the spongy tissue in the penis fills with blood - this is called an
What hormone causes the endometrium to thicken and become rich with blood in preparation for a fertilized ovum to be implanted
Sperm leave the body in a process called
Coiled tubes located behind each testicle where sperm mature
Located just below the prostate gland and connected to the urethra are two small glands that secrete an alkaline fluid
Cowpers gland
The white fluid which carries sperm
Small tube that transports mature sperm cells from the epididymis
Vas deferens
How many follicles fully mature and reach the surface of the ovary each month
What is the passageway that carries fluid waste and semen from the body
The tip of the penis
What occurs when the ovum and the sperm unite in the fallopian tube
The birth canal
When the endometrium thickens and its supply of blood is discharged through the vagina
After the ovum in drawn into the fallopian tube, the follicle changes to form a
Corpus luteum
What two structures are on each side of the uterus and contain the female reproductive cells, or ova
Once a month, an egg cell is released by an ovary - this process is called
These famale organs are flexible muscular tubes that extend about 4 inches from the uterus. They carry the ovum from the ovary to the uterus.
Fallopian tube
The small muscular opening that separates the uterus from the vagina and dilates at birth
A pear shaped muscular organ also called the womb
The testicles are located between the legs of a male, within a skin covered sac called
At the far ends of the fallopian tubes are finger like extensions called
Why do some somen have discomfort during menstruation
Changes in hormone levels
For the first 2 months, the fertilized egg is called an
What does the hormone estrogen that is produced by the placenta do
Stimulates growth of the uterus, builds up breast milk, initiates labor
The process during which the uterine muscles contract to expel the fetus is called
The scrotum controls the temperature of the
The tube like external male sex organ
What is the small gland that is attached to each vas deferens called - it secretes fructose for nourishment of sperm
Seminal vesicle
When a baby cannot be delivered safely though the birth canal, what surgery can be done
Caesarean section
What occurs when the ovum and sperm unite in the fallopian tube
Where does the fertilized egg attach
The lining of the uterus
What is the special organ that surrounds the embryo
What are the main hormones that are produced by the placenta
Estrogen - stimulate growth of the uterus and breast milk

Progesterone - prevents uterus from contracting too strongly before baby is ready to be born
How long is the umbilical cord and what passes through it
20 inches

Oxygen and nutrients
The embryo is wrapped in a protective covering called
Amniotic sac
In what trimester do many women have nausea and tender breasts
In what trimester is the embryo barely visible but has its own heartbeat and you can see nose, eyes, mouth, limbs
In what trimester can the mother feel the baby move
In what trimester does the baby change to a head down position
How many stages of labor are there