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This drug is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor?
Finasteride. Prevents conversion of testosterone to DHT.
This drug can be used to treat BPH and male pattern baldness.
This drug is a COMPETITIVE inhibitor of androgens at testosterone receptors?
You can use this drug to decrease the size of testosterone dependent prostate cancer.
This drug can be used to inhibit steroid synthesis by inhibiting cytochrome p450.
Ketoconazole: inhibits P450, so used in the treatment of PCOS to prevent hirsutism; because inhibiting p450 inhibits steroid synthesis.
What is mechanism of spironolactone?
Anti-androgen effect
Aldosterone receptor antagonist..

Side effect of gynecomastia in males.

Uses in PCOS hirsutism.
This drug can inhibit cGMP phosphodiesterase, leading to increased levels of cGMP. This leads to relaxation of smooth muscle in corpus cavernosum, increased blood flow, and penile errection.

This side effect of this drug is blue-green vision and flushing.
Blue-green color vision.
There is a risk of hypotension in these patients takign nitrates along with this drug?
This drug is a GnRH analog that can act as an agonist when used in pulsatile fashion or antagonist when used in continuous fashion.
This drug when used in continuous fashion can cause a burst of LH and FSH
How would leuprlide be used to treat both infertility and prostate cancer?
Treat with infertility by giving it in pulsatile fashion, stimulating LH and FSH by acting as GnRH analog.

Treat in prostate cancer using it continuous GnRH release decreasing LH and FSH. Should be used with flutamide.
This drug is a partial agonist at estrogen receptors preventing normal feedback inhibition and increases LH and FSH release stimulating ovulation
The side effect of this drug includes hot flashes, ovarian enlargement, and multiple simultaneous pregnancies, and visual problems?
this drug is a competitive inhibitor of progesterone receptors so progestins cant bind.
Mifepristone (RU-486)
This drug prevents implantation so acts as an abortifacient
Mifepriston (RU-486). Inhibits progesterone receptors.
What are toxicities of mifepristone?
Heavey bleeding, Uterine bleeding.
What are the advantages of oraln contraceptions combo of progestin and estrogen?
Decreased risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer!

Decreased incidence of ectopic pregnancy.

Decreased pelvic infections.

Regulates menses
What are some disadvantages of oral contraceptives?
Increases Triglycerides!!

Hypercoagulable state
What is danazol and nandrolone?
Androgens used in:
1) hypogonadism
2) anabolic effect for burn victims
3) senile osteporosis
4) growth in boys with dwarfism
What are side effects of danazol?
Cholestatic jaundice
Masculinzation in females
Increased LDL and decreased HDL
Premature closing in children of epiphyseal plates