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What are the four releasing hormones of the hypothalamus? What do these do?
Effect the release of other hormones
What are the two inhibitory releasing hormones?
Somatostatin and dopamine
What two hormones are released as active hormones from the hypothamamus?
Vasopressin and oxytocin
What are the three glycoprotein pituitary hormones and who are they stimulated by?
LH, FSH (stimulated by GnRH), TSH (stimulated by TRH)
What are the peptide pituitary hormones?
ACTH, GH, Prolactin
What is the natural androgen? Where is it produced? What are the functions?
Interstitial cells (Leydig cells) of the testes
Stimulate late stages of spermatogenesis, promote growth
What are the three uses of human chorionic gonadotropins (hCG)/LH in animals?
1) Treatment of follicular cysts in cattle & dogs
2) Induce ovulation in mare & cat
3) Diagnose presence of a testicle by stimulating testosterone secretion
What are the three clinical uses of FSH?
1) Stimulate follicular growth
2) Combined with LH can induce estrus
3) Induce superovulation in cattle in combo with PGF
What are the three uses of GnRH in large animals?
1) Treatment follicular cysts in cattle
2) Boosting luteal formation
3) Induce ovulation in mare
What are the three uses of GnRH in small animals?
1) Follicular cysts in dogs
2) Increases libido in male dogs and cats
3) Diagnose LH and testosterone deficiency
What route are hormones given?

oral route poor due to degradation
What are the two clinical uses for androgens in large animals?
1) Test for estrus in cows
2) Growth promoters in feedlot cattle
What are the three clinical uses for androgens in small animals?
1) Treatment of androgen deficiency, alopecia
2) Suppression of estrus in dogs
3) Pseudopregnancy in dogs
What schedule are androgens and anabolic steroids?
Schedule III
Which anabolic steroid is approved in dogs, cats and horses? Horses only?
What are uses of anabolic steroids?
1) Cachexia
2) Tissue repair
3) Appetite stimulant
What are adverse effects of androgens and anabolic steroids?
Infertility, masculinization
What are the three preparations of estrogen?
What is zeranol derived from?
1) Estrodiol
2) DES
3) Zeranol

What is the main use of zeranol? Estradiol?
What do you combine with estradiol to synchronize estus in cattle?
Growth promotion in cattle and sheep
Growth promotion in cattle
What are the uses of estrogens in small animals?
1) In spayed animals treatment for incontinence, dermatitis and vaginitis
2) Induces estrus without ovulation
3) Androgen tumors in males
Aplastic anemia and leukopenia can be a side effect of what hormone?
What progesterone preparation is used in dogs?
What is it used for?
Megestrol acetate
Contraception and suppression of estrus
What two progesterone preparation are used in cats?
What is it used for?
Hydroxyprogesterone caproate and medroxyprogesterone acetate
Behavioral problems and urination in male cats
What is the progesterone preparation used in mares?
What are the two uses?
1) Premature labor
2) Suppression of estrus and synchronization of estrous cycle
What progesterone preparations promote growth in cattle?
What is norgestomet used for?
Progesterone-estradiol, melengestrol acetate
Suppression of estrus and synchronization of estrous cycle
What hormone can increase appetite and cause weight gain?
What do prostaglandins do to progesterone?
The uterus?
What is the source of PGF2 alpha?
Decrease serum levels
*Stimulate uterine contractions
What kind of drug is dinoprost tromethamine?
What are the other drugs?
Prostaglandin 2 alpha

Are Prostaglandins approved in small animals?
No due to its side effects
What is the main function of oxytocin?
Contraction of uterine muscles and expulsion of placenta
What are the two prolactin inhibitors? Which has fewer side effects?
Main uses?


Mismating and pseudopregnancy
Which reproductive drugs are dopamine agonists?
bromocriptine and cabergoline

they are prolactin inhibitors
What is one of the most common reproductive problems during diestrus in the bitch?
What is the length of the estrus cycle in dogs?
63 days
What are the three less aggressive ways to treat pseudopregnancy?
1) No treatment
2) Sedatives (not a dopamine antagonist)
3) Water deprivation or diuretic
What are the two hormonal treatments for pseudopregnancy?
1) Androgens or estrogens
2) Dopamine agonists (Bromocriptine & cabergoline)
What do you use to induce abortion in a cow in the first 150 days?
5-8 months?
The last month?
PGF2 alpha (destroy corpus luteum)
Combo of PGF2 alpha and dexamethasone
Either dex or PGF2 alpha alone
What do you use to induce parturition in a cow?
Small animal?
Dexamethasone or PGF2 alpha
PGF2 alpha
What are tocolytics?
What type of drug?
Two specific examples?
Drugs that inhibit uterine contraction
Beta 2 adrenergic agonists
Terbutaline & ritodrine
What is agalactica?
What type of drug do you use to treatment this agalactica?
What is the best drug for this?
Inability to produce milk
Dopamine antagonists-> stimulate prolactin
What is the treatment for benign prostate hypertrophy in dogs?
What mechanism?
Inhibits the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase
What are the uses of somatotropin/growth hormone in LA? Small animal?
Increase growth and milk production

Dwarfism and dermatosis