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Main diseases of concern for the women's health initiative
-cardiovascular disease
-breast cancer
-colorectal cancer
Most breast cancers are...
...discovered by the woman herself.
How often should a women do a self breast examination?
When should a woman do her self breast examination?
1 week after the onset of their menses when the hormonal influences on breast tissue are at their lowest.
How many women do monthly breast examinations?
About half.
Clinical breast examinations should be done...
Every three years from age 20-39 and yearly after age 40.
What is the examiner looking for during a clinical breast examination?
-Skin changes
What does it mean if nipple direction is asymmetrical?
Underlying tumor
What is the examiner looking for when the woman places her hands on her hips and presses down?
Looking for skin dimpling or masses.
What position should the woman be in when the examiner is palpating the breast tissue?
supine position with her arm placed at a 90 degree angle and a pillow or folded towel under her shoulder.
What is abnormal breast tissue likened to?
-Watermellon seed
What is the primary screening tool for breast lumps?
How often is mammography recommended?
yearly after the age of 40
How often should a vulvar self-examination be performed?
Monthly after the age of 18 or earlier if sexually active.
When should a woman schedule a pelvic examination?
2 weeks after her menstral period.
What special instructions should be given to the woman about her exam?
-Do not douche or have sexual intercourse for 48 hours prior to the exam
-Avoid vaginal medications, sprays, or deodorants
Should she have a full or empty bladder for the precedure?
Empty bladder
What is the purpose of the pap smear?
Early identification of precancerous cells that may be shed by the cervix.
The Bethesda system consists of what 3 elements?
1. statement of specimen adequacy
2. a general category for analysis (normal or abnormal)
3. descriptive diagnosis for abnormal cytology, whether results suggest melignancy or another disorder
What instructions should be given if a woman is going to have Fecal Occult Blood Testing done?
-Avoid ASA of NSAID's for atleast 7 days prior to specimen collection
-Avoid red meat, raw fruits and veg, horseradish, and vit c for 72 hours prior to testing
-Collect a specimen from 3 consecutive stools
-Return slides as directed within 4-6 days after the specimens are collected