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an erection is controlled by which part of the nervous system?
an ejaculation is controlled by which part of the nervous system?
what characterizes benign prostatic hyperplasia?
large, discrete lesions around the urethra
what are the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia?
weak urinary stream, postvoid dribbling, frequency of urination, and noctura (going to bathroom at night)
what is testicular torsion?
twisting of testicle, arterioles and veins are twisted so blood supply is cut off, necrosis of testicle, obstruction of vas deferens
what is cryptochidism?
undescended testicle
what is hypospadias?
urethral opening does not reach end of penis
what is a varicocele?
abnormal enlargement of veins in testes
what is endometriosis?
condition in which functional endometrial tissue is found in ectopic sites outside uterus
what is leiomymomas?
benign neoplasms of smooth muscle origin