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Conical shaped structures are located in the renal medulla are called__________
renal pyramids
River & Egypt
Bowman's capsule and the glomerulus make up the _________
renal corpuscle
the entire area in which the bowman's capsule lies.
The region know as the macula densa is part of the _________ convoluted tubule.
distal convoluted tubule
D<---- for densa
The basic functional unit of the kidney is the ______
has two parts that produce urine. one in the cortex, one in the medulla
a glomerulus is a knot of capillaris that lies within the ____________
Bowman's capsule
____lies in renal corpuscle,glomerulus lies in ____________
The process of urine ormation inovolves_________
Filtration, reabsorption. and secretion.
The primary function of the proximal convoluted tubule is _________ of ions, organic molecules, vitamins, and water.
List the blood vessels that carry blood to the kidneys.
Renal artery, segmental, interlober, arcuate, interlobular, affarent arterioles.
R.A, S, Ilo, A, Ilu, A.A
Substances larger than_______ are normally not allowed to pass through the filtration membrane.
albumin proteins
The role of countercurrent multiplication in the kidney is to produce a concentration gradiet that will allow the nephron to ptoduce a _______ filtrate.
rhymes with tonic
The ureters and urinary bladder are lined by _______epithelium.
Measurement of the functions of a nephron reveals a glomerular pressure of 59mm Hg, and a pressure in the capsular space of 10mm Hg. Assuming that the plasma osmotic pressure is 25mm Hg, and that essentially no plasma proteins are filtered by the glomerulus, what is the net glomerular filtration pressure in this case?__________
24 mm Hg
The principal cation in intracellular fluid is _____
K+ (potassium)
Antidiuretic hormone stimulates _______ conservation by the kidneys.
Hypoventilation would cause ____________ acidosis.
A person who chronically consumes large amounts of antacids to settle an upset stomach masy risk _________alkalosis.
When the pH of body fluids begins to rise, proteins will release a hydrogen from the___________group.
Projections of the tunica albuginea, known as septae, divide the testis into___________
Straight tubules originate at the seminiferous tubules and form a maze of passageways called the __________
rete testis
Interstitial cells produce _______
The process of spermiogenesis produces______
List the structures of the male reproductive tract___________
testis, epididymis, ductus deferens, ejaculatory duct, accessory organs ( seminal vescicle, prostate gland, bulbourethral gland, scrotal sac, penis)
The erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra is the ________
corpus spongiosum
The surge in luteinizing hormone (L.H) that occurs during the middle of the ovarian cycle triggers __________
During the proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle, a new _________is formed in the uterus.
functional zone
type of zone
In the mammary gland, milk production occurs in the __________
lacitiferous ductus
lactate ductus
The principal hormone secreted by the corpus luteum is __________
Contraction of the cremaster muscle moves the ________closer to the body cavity.
A boy who has not passed thought puberty sustains an injury to his anterior pituitary such that FSH is no longer released, but ICSH (LH) is normal. After the individual grows to maturity, one would expect that he would be ___________
During gastrulation, _________ layers are formed.
embrionic germ