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func and characteristics tunica albugina
thick connective tisse capsule around testis
func and characteristics leydig cells. WHat hormone regulates?
beteen semi tubule, they produce testosterone under feedback control of LH from pit
func and characteristics sertoli cells. What hormone regulates sertoli cells?
support and nourish developing spermatozoa. req testosterone and FSH to func in their nurse cell capacity. Form blood testis barrier. FSH acts on sertoli to stim ABP.
describe process of spermatogenesis.
spermatogonia to 1 spermatocyte to 2 spermatocyte to spermatids to spermatozoa.
dev of male gamete spermatid into a motile spermatozoon. takes place in semi but complted in epidydmis.
func and characteristics of efferent ducts
coiled tubuels that fun to absorb fluid arriving from rete testis and porpel spermatozoa toward epididymis
func and characteristics epididymis.
highly coiled tube that produces substances req for motility. pseudostratified columnar epi with stereocilia.
func and characteristics vas deferens
long tube no coils. smmoth muscle in walls, pseudostratified columnar epi. func to propel sperm out during ejac.
func and characteristics seminal vesicle
androgen dependent. columnar epi, impor to ejac for proper sperm func, secretory porduct
func and characteristics prostate
andro dependent, secretes water liq containing zinc, citric acid, proteolytic E.
func and characteristics theca interna
produce androgen (LH)
func and characteristics granulosa cells
androgen to estrogen (under influence of FSH).
func and characteristics granulosa and theca lutein cells
produce progesterone, estrogen (LH).
func and characteristics blood testis barrier
pervent exposure of gametees, immune def
func and characteristics ductus deferens (vas)
condut spermatozoa from epididymis to urethra. psudostratified columnar.
func and characteristics myoepithelial cells
contractile func in milk ejection under oxytocin