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Describe venous drainage for the L ovary/testis
L ovary/testis -> L gonadal vein -> L renal vein -> IVC
Describe venous drainage for the R ovary/testis
R ovary/testis -> R gonadal vein -> IVC
What are the ligaments of the uterus?
1. Suspensory ligament of the ovaries
2. Transverse cervical (cardinal) ligament
3. Round ligament of the uterus
4. Broad ligament
What is contained in the suspensory ligament of the ovaries?
the ovarian vessels
What is contained in the cardinal/transverse cervical ligament?
the uterine vessels
What is contained in the round ligament of the uterus?
nothing important
What is contained in the broad ligament?
[] the round ligaments of the uterus and ovaries
[] the uterine tubules and vessels
Which parts of the nervous system innervate [A] Erection, [B] Emission, and [C] Ejaculation
[A] Parasympathetic NS
[B] Sympathetic NS
[C] Visceral and Somatic nerves
(Point & Shoot!)
Sperm Parts: Where is the acrosome derived from?
The Golgi apparatus
Sperm Parts: Where is the flagellum derived from?
one of the centrioles
Sperm Parts: What important organelle is located in abundance in the middle piece/neck?
What do sperm like to eat?
Fructose! yummy.
Where does spermatogenesis occur?
the Seminiferous tubules
How long does spermatogenesis take?
2 months for full development
What is an important difference between type A and type B spermatogonia?
[] Type A forms both type A and type B spermatogonia
What are the 4 major cell stages in spermatogenesis and how many copies of genetic material are present at each stage?
1. Spermatogonium (diploid, 2N)
2. Primary spermatocyte (diploid, 4N)
3. Secondary spermatocyte (haploid, 2N)
4. Spermatid (haploid, N)
What are the functions of Sertoli cells?
[] support/environment for sperm production
[] production of ABP (androgen-binding protein)
[] production of Inhibin
[] establish the blood-testis barrier
What is the major function of Leydig cells?
The secrete testosterone!
What is the function of ABP (Androgen-binding protein)?
to ensure that testosterone is high in the seminiferous tubules
What is the function of inhibin?
to inhibit FSH at the anterior pituitary (negative feedback)
What is the function of LH in a male?
stimulates testosterone release from Leydig cells
Whate is the function of FSH in a male?
stimulates sertoli cells to produce ABP (androgen-binding protein) and inhibin
What are the functions of testosterone?
[] differentiates male genetalia
[] maintains gametogenesis
[] maintains libido
[] inhibits GnRH
[] fuses epiphyseal plates in bone
[] has anabolic effects on protein metabolism