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Which cells in the testis produce testosterone?
Leydig cells
The testis produce which 2 hormones?
1. Testosterone

2. 5a-DHT
The adrenal produce which 2 hormones?
1. Androstenedione

2. Dehydroepianandrosterone (DHEA)
The adrenal hormones contribute to what?
Male pubertal changes - hair growth and maturation
What is the most commonly used supplement in men to increase sexual performance and sense of well being?
Most of circulating testosterone is found bound to what 2 proteins?

2. Albumin
In many target tissues testosterone is converted to what?
Testosterone gets converted to what in adipose tissue and liver by aromatase?
What hormone stimulated steroidogenesis in leydig cells?
What hormone stimulated spermatogenesis in seminiferous tubules?
What plays a key regulatory role in binding of Androgen receptor complex to response element in gene?
Co-activator ARA70
Do Testosterone and 5a-DHT bind to the same receptor?
Yes, AR (androgen receptor)
What are 4 negative effects of 5-DHT?
1. Acne

2. Scalp hair recession

3. Prostate enlargement

4. Decrease HDL
Pro-androgen therapy consists mainly of what?
exogenous androgens (receptor agaonists)
Anti-androgen therapy consists of what 2 elements?
1. Receptor antagonists

2. Synthesis blockers
What are the 4 indications for the therapeutic use of synthetic androgens?
1. Androgen Replacement Therapy (Hypogonadism, aging)

2. Protein Anabolic Effects (catabolic disorders assocaited with ling term illness)

3. Anemia (increases Epo)

4. Anabolic steroids in athletes
Esterification at which position synthesizes complete androgen with comparable potency to testosterone?
What at the 17-a position synthesizes androgens with more pronounced anabolic properties?
Alkylation at the 17a position
Synthesis inhibition in Anti-androgen therapy consists of blocking which enzyme?
5a-reductase inhibition
What is a drug example of synthesis inhibition of testosterone?
What are three receptor antagonists in anti-androgen therapy?
1. Flutamide

2. Cyproterone

3. Spironolactone
Which isoform of 5a-reductase has the following properites:

1. Low expression in Prostase
2. Low expression in hair follicles
3. High expression in sebaceous glands
Type 1
Which isoform of 5a-reductase in potently inhibited by finasteride?
Type 2
Finsteride has a high potency for Type 2 isoform of 5a-reductase, does that make it a good treatmen for acne?
Is finasteride a good treatment for BPH?
Which 5a-reductase isoform must be blocked to treat BPH?
Type 2
Daily dosing of what reduces serum DHT by ~70%?
Did finasteride positively affect balding?
YES, men showed increased hair counts in studies
What are 2 hormonal treatments for prostatic cancer?
1. Flutamide/nilutamide

2. Cyproterone acetate