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lack of estrogen in prepuberty/post menopausal causes what?
decrease in amount of vaginal glycogen = decreases lactic acid = decreased acidity = ↑ bacteria in the vagina
- shift from lactobacilli to cocci
Type of preparation for candida?
Tx of candida
diabetes (treat that first as it is a common cause), antibiotics (wait until done), chemical dyes (ginchin violet), indoazole (ketoconazole, cortrimazol, fluconazole [oral]), polyenes – nystatin w/ topical steroid
pt complains of foul green discharge – irritating
tx for trichomonas
CLUE cells (epithelial cells covered with) are suggestive of what? associated with foul odor and pH increase
gardenella vaginalis GNR
Tx of gardenella
Dx and Tx of - Gonorrhea
culture: GN diplo cocci on thayer martin or choc. agar

tx w ceftriaxone or quinolone (ciprofloxacin, ofloxin)
Dx and Tx of chlamydia trachomatis
Dx: best is PCR, but cultures are also acceptable
Tx: azithromycin or doxycycline
Genital HSV Type
2, can also get 1 from mouth
oncogenic HPV strains
16, 18, 31, 33, 35 –
Dx and Tx of HPV
tissue biopsy

Tx: vaccines for some strains
trichloroacetic acid – local desiccation, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, laser, podophyllin
common in adolescent females associated with lactation – prolonged period of time =
atrophic vaginitis d/t less estrogen
TSS (toxic shock syndrome) is associated with what
Staph infections from tampons
Tx of TSS
beta-lactam resistant penicillin, vancomycin
#1 complaint in vulvar disease
white lesion of the vulva is due to?
decrease in vascularity or thickening of epithelium
diffusely white valvar lesion suggests?
loss of pigment from chronic irritation – depleted melanin
dark vulvar lesion differential dx:
benign nevi –
melanoma is also found
hemangioma/ cherry angioma of vulva are comon to what age group
etiologies of vulvar pain/vulvadynia
Bartholin gland abscess candidiasis
trauma/sexual assault
vaginal delivery
bulbar neoplasia allergens
condyloma medications
HPV commonly alters what portion of the cerivx
squamocolumnar junction
type of cysts where cells overgrow cleft of columnar and retain mucin production
cervical polyps benign or malignant? and management
benign- always should remove
pt history that suggests cervical polyps
post coital spotting- must r/o cervical cancer
benign uterine masss that may complicate pregnacey
presentation of pt with pressure, pain, bleeding may suggest what
work up for suspected leiomyoma
PE, ultrasound, CT, MRI