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the patient's initial perception of fetal movement

at how many weeks gestation is it normally felt?

felt at 20 weeks

congestion and a bluish color of the vagina
Chadwick sign

a softening of the cervix on physical exam
Hegar sign
when are fetal heart tones in a normal pregnancy hear by simple auscultation?
18 - 20 weeks
commonly used electronic Doppler devices will detect fetal heart tones at how many weeks?
12 weeks gestation
home urine preg tests become positive approx how many weeks following the first day of the last menstrural period?
4 weeks
how high should progesterone be for a viable uterine pregnancy?
> 25 ng/mL
intrauterine pregnancy is detectable by transvaginal US when the beta-HCG is greater then what?
1000 - 2000 mIU/mL
in what percent of pregnant women is rubella titer positive?
specific screening for treponema is required following what positive test?
Rapid Plasma reagin
when can maternal alpha-fetoprotein testing be done?
15 - 18 weeks
in a normal singleton pregnancy, from approx 16 - 18 weeks gestation until 36 weeks, the fundal height in cm is equal to what?
the number of weeks gestational age
what is the prescribed recommendation for weight gain during pregnancy?
25 - 35 pounds

when the patient reports a change in the shape of her abdomen and that the baby has gotten less heavy
what is the direct result of "lightening"?
decreased fundal height
a breech presentation occurs in what percent of deliveries?
estimation of gestional age by US is least accurate at what time during pregnancy?
36 - 38 weeks
what is the normal fetal heart rate at term?
120 - 160 bpm
a reactive nonstress test is characterized by a fetal heart rate increase of how many beats per minute?
what is an abnormal contraction stress test?
fetal heart rate decreases in response to uterine contraction
what is the number of contractions in a ten minute window that must occur for a contraction stress test to be measurable?
a biophysical profile in which there is one or more episodes of fetal breathing in 30 min, 3 or more descrete movements in 30 min, opening/closing of the fetal hand, a nonreactive nonstress test and no pockets of amnioticfluid greater then 1 cm would have a total score of what?
exclusive of the fetal HR reactivity, what is the biophysical profile considered most important?
qualitative amniotic fluid volume
repetative decelerations following each contraction when three contractions occur in a 10-min window is an indication of what?
nonreassuring fetal status
tests of fetal lung maturity are generally used when delivery of a fetus is contemplated at a gestational age of less then how many weeks?
at how many weeks does phospholipid production increase resulting in a positive phosphatidyl-glycerol test?
32 - 33 weeks
during a normal pregnancy, the patient should be encouraged to engage in non-weight-bearing activity at what interval?
three times a week
in pregnancy, psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid is used to manage what?
because of the position of the fetus, round ligament pain is more pronounced where?
on the right side
which Pregnancy Risk Factor indicates that human controlled studies do not exist?
which Pregnancy Risk Factor means that the drug should only be given if the benefits outweigh the risks?
which Pregnancy Risk Factor means that there is evidence that the fetus is at risk?
which Pregnancy Risk Factor indicates that animal and human studies demonstrate fetal abnormalities, such that the risk outweighs any possible benefit?