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The mental storage of info that relates to external reality.
Info about the world that is stored in memory
Criterions for Representaion
Intentionality Criterion: Representations must be constructed intentionally to stand for something else
Information-Carrying Criterion: The Representation must carry info about what it stands for.
Modality-Specific Representations
Images: Many people say they experience mental images through the "mind's eye"
Modality-Specific Representaions
Featurs: the collection of feature detectros active during the processing of a visual object constitutes a representation of that object
Amodal Representation
Symbols: abstract and arbitrary.
Like words, but not.
Neural Nets
The elements of a statistical pattern can be viewed as neurons that are on or off -- that fire or do not fire.
The simplest structures that category knowlege contains.
These are memories of indiv category members.
Diff. types of dogs. (ex)
Typicality (typical dog etc.)
What properties are likely to be true of a category.
Average representation.
Dynamic Representation
Refers to the ability of the cofnitive system to construct and call on as necessary, many diff. representations of a category.