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Bulk Flow of protein-free plasma from the Glom. Capilaries into Bowman's Capsule
Glomerular Filtration
Selective transport ogf molecules from the lumen of renal tubules to the interstit. fluid outside the tubules.
Reabsorbed Molecules eventually enter the peritunular capilaries by_______?
Selective transport of molecules from the peritubular fluid to the lumen of the renal tubules.
Where do the secreted molecules come from?
Plasma of peritubular capillaries
What is the beginning of the renal tubule known as?
Proximal Con. Tubule
What does the oncotic pressure in Bowman's capsule favor?
What drives glomerular pressure?
Hydrostatic and Osmotic pressure existing across walls of glom. capillaries
What does filtrate lack that plasma does not lack?
In the Boeman's Capsul, what acts as the primary filtration barrier for proteins?
Basement membrane
Filtrate must cross these three things
to enter Bowman's Capsule:
1. Capillary Endothelial layer
2. Surounding epithelial cell layer
3. Basement Membrane(sandwiched between them)
What are the three layers called that the filtrate must cross before entering the Bowman's capsule?
Filtration Barrier or Glomerular
What does the high resistance of the efferent artiole account for?
A lower the pressure downstream