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The Italian Renaissance covers _____ to _____ and means ________.
approx. 1350 - approx. 1550 and means "rebirth" (naisant/nadal)
Giorgio Vasari ( ______ - _____ ) was ?
first to use the word 'Renaissance'.
Renaissance had _____?
Great art, literature, artitechture.
______ was the birthplace for the Renaissance.
Rare men of genius
A better time to live in, better than the Roman Empire. Always looked back and thought they never could out do the Romans. Middle ages was the down hill part of after the Romans, the Renaissance is the uphill and surpassing part.
There was also an English Renaissance 1400-1500s.
Italy is getting wealthy before the R by sailing ______ on the ________.
Venice is getting rich on trade before the R.
Coastal city; had a fleet.
Florence is thought to be the start of the R, mostly in _____ and ________.
Florence, in the 1200's, became the _______ of the popes.
bankers; tax collector.
Florentine bankers _____ out their profits; leading to more profits.

Including setting up textile factories
By the middle of the 1300's, Florence lost _____ of its population due to the black death, but this had little impact on their economy due to diversity of bank locations.
the rule of a few
military rulers
political rulers
Italian communes (city-state)...
set up their own taxes; spent them; own government; own army.
By the late 1300's and early 1400's many ________ had built palaces, which became the centers of ______ for their city-states.
Some Oligarchies overthrown and ________ were set.
These Republics were in turn overthrown by ________ and turn in to _______.
military states;
in control of by Signores.
Many Signores became ______.
(paid people to produce art) Led to a lot of art.
In 1400's, about ____ powerful city-states running things.
For the people, the R. was ...
A self-conscious awareness that people were living in a new era.
Francesco Petrarch ( 1304 - 1373 )
Devises a new philosphy: Humanism.
emphasized the dignity and worth of the individual.
There was a limit of the circulation of Greek and Latin and Roman knowledge up to the R. It then becomes more important. Gets its start with ?
Francesco Petrarch. Also got some copies from the Muslims.
people are rational and can think about this logically. Before H, the church stated what was, no debate. H. stated people could think for themselves.
Yearned for the classical period; a better furture would include studying and learning the classical texts.
Scholarism vs. Humanism
Humansit didn't think scholasist degree was worth much if you couldn't think on your own.

law; medicine; theology. Too resticted in thought.

classic text; art, think for your selve.
Woman (not including wealthy)

could learn religion but not rhetroic nor grammar

all men should go to university.
be a good citizen. Understand political theory. S. didn't prepare you to be a good citizen.
thought S. spent too much time thinking about the bible.
H history writers
focused on human control and not divine control (leads to the Protestant Reformation/Martin Luther)
Niccolo Machiaveli (1459-1527)
From Florence; wrote about political infighting in Italy.
The Prince:
by Niccolo Machiavelli
how a ruler should gain power and how it should be maintained and increased. Better to be feared than loved (best to be feared and loved).
Read by Kings and Queens in Europe.
The Prince:
by Niccolo Machiavelli
Jean Bodin wrote _____ ____ __ __ _____.
Six Books of the Republic. Kings and Queens should have absolute power, if you complained, you should be punished, leads to Absolute Monarch.
Patriotism on one's city-state based on the _______ model.
Study of _____.
Marsilio Ficino credited with the reintroduction of ______ into Western society.
The Christian _________ movement was what?
how to live an ethical way of life; combined the classics and the Bible.
Desiderius Erasmus (1469-1536)
What three things where going on with Christianity during the Renaissance?
1. The influence and prestige of the church was declining

2. Babylonian Captivity—the popes were forced to live in France (1309-1377)

3. The Great Schism (1378 to 1417)—Three popes at the same time
What five things where going on with Science during the Renaissance?
The Gutenburg Printing Press (~1440)


Literacy rates went up

Vesalius—cadaver dissection

Christopher Columbus; Sir Francis Drake
Leonardo da Vinci
What things where going on with Literature, Art, and Music during the Renaissance?
literature, art, and music

Painting—from the purely religious to nature

Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo

Architecture—based on the Roman model