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What painting technique makes things in the foreground appear close and things in the background appear farther away?
What technique did Renaissance artists use to make their paintings seem more lifelike?
What happened when unemployed peasant farmers moved to the cities looking for work?
They took jobs from the city people because they were willing to work for less pay.
Why did the peasant farmers have to leave the farmlands of the manors?
The landowners wanted to raise sheep for wool instead of crops for food.
Define the Reconquista.
The effort to make everyone in Spain belong to the Catholic Church.
What did King Louis XI do to get the support of the common people of France?
He ignored the nobles and gave special favors to the merchants.
If a person protested the teachings of the Catholic Church, he or she was called a ____________________.
Who were the Lutherans?
Lutherans were people who followed the teachings of Martin Luther.
What crime did the Catholic Church say Martin Luther had committed?
What did Martin Luther do that displeased the officials of the Catholic Church?
He protested the selling of indulgences.
The first pope to sell indulgences for sins a person might commit in the future was ___________________.
Pope Leo X
Define clergy.
officials of the church
Who did Ferdinand marry in order to unite the parts of Spain into one country?
Henry VII married the niece of a man he defeated in battle in order to unite what country?
Who supported Columbus in his efforts to find a new route to India?
What were the dates of the Renaissance?
from about 1400 to about 1600
One of the most famous patrons of the arts during the Renaissance in Italy was the ____________________.
de Medici
What invention allowed printers to produce more books during the Renaissance?
the movable-type printing press
What instrument did Galileo develop in order to study the movement of the planets?