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Define and explain the 5 components of remote sensing
1.Source of EM
3.Device or sensing object (eyes)
5.Medium EM travels through (air)
Cradle to the grave. 5 steps
Define RS (Remote Sensing)
remote sensing is the short or large-scale acquisition of information of an object or phenomenon, by the use of either recording or real-time sensing device(s) that is not in physical or intimate contact with the object (such as by way of aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, buoy, or ship).
You can't touch this
Define passive RS and give examples
Passive sensors detect natural energy (radiation) that is emitted or reflected by the object or surrounding area being observed. Reflected sunlight is the most common source of radiation measured by passive sensors. Examples of passive remote sensors include film photography, infra-red, charge-coupled devices and radiometers.
Plugged in our out?
Define active RS and give examples
Active collection, on the other hand, emits energy in order scan objects and areas whereupon a passive sensor then detects and measures the radiation that is reflected or backscattered from the target. RADAR is an example of active remote sensing where the time delay between emission and return is measured, establishing the location, height, speed and direction of an object.
Internal energy source
Does satellite data = information?
no. Green is vegetation, but not trees. could be a golf course etc...
think dummy
Electromagnetic energy being detected by remote sensors is dependent on ?
characteristic of the surface or atmosphere being sensed being sensed
Does remote sensing provides unique information?
Many portions of the earth's surface and atmosphere are difficult to sample and measure because?
Terrain, climate, shear size etc. It is the only way to collect data in certain instances.
How are RS reliable and consistent?
Remote sensors can continuously collect data
Name the 7 RS systems & technics
2.thermal RS
3.spectral indices
4.clasifying images
5.accuracy assesments
6.change detection
7.RS of veg., soil, rocks & H2O.
EM radiation propagates at the speed of???
Is light EM radiation?
Visible light is...
A particular portion of the EM spectrum
EM is composed of an eletrical field perpendicular to what?
a magnetic field
A wavelength is characterized by??
the relationhip between:
a)velocity of propagation-C[m S-1]
b)wave length λ [M]
c)frequency v[Hz]

Is defined by???
1)c = λν
2)λ = c / v
3)ν = c / λ
High frequency means...
short wavelength
Long wavelength means...
low frequency
EM spectrum regions used in RS are...
Near infrared
middle infrared
thermal infrared
UV spectrum falls b/w?
Visible infrared
near infrared
middle infrared