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famous saying consisting of one word that is pent in a box
quandary (Henshall: be in difficulty)...komaru
tree in difficulty(perhaps punished for being a bad tree) trapped in a box
old solid box (hardens as it gets older)
country jewel (kinda like a state flower)... that is kept inside a box
group of mini-humans glued together in a box
animal shelter gift....for a good cause, a st. bernard dog wrapped inside a box
big dog(groom) confined by a woman due to marriage
bomb sitting in a park.....lidded crock with scarf(yank to trigger bomb) inside
-times (Henshall: turn, rotate)
one circle revolving inside of another many times
out on the soil during nightbreak, a man in a top hat with a rotating mouth(looking from side to side while talking to audience) on stage,platform,podium
hint store in Shenmue located inside a cave with a fortune teller inside
warehouse(the size of a cave) in which cars are stored
cave court...courtyard inside cave
government office
cave with spikes(keep out)..government office
bed (Henshall: bed, floor, alcove)
bed made of tree sitting inside a cave
grove of marijuana trees inside a cave
bump n' grind while stoned on hemp.....grind stone on hemp backpack to make it tougher
three drops of blood on a hook stuck inside your heart
ideas that have perished in your heart are forgotten
endure,(Henshall:stealth) (WWWJDIC: hide,conceal ) ("shinobu"...just like Shinobu from Love Hina)
endure the pain of a blade in your heart
acknowledge(Henshall: recognize,
words of appreciation (acknowledgement, recognition) as blade goes into heart
samurai intention is to always does what's in their heart...
documents lay out your word of intent...(i.e. what you plan to put it in writing)
things that you remain loyal to are always in the middle of your heart
shish kebab (WWWJDIC: spit, skewer)
two pieces of meat on a skewer
snake running through heart of dead person that you're mourning
afflicted (Henshall: disease, be ill)
stake through sign...symbol for physicians...who aid the afflicted, diseased, ill
...fall ill about skewer(perhaps poisoned) pierces heart
think with your brain and heart
grace (Henshall: favor, kindness)
favor is done due to a good cause that you keep in your heart
apply (Henshall: respond, react)
respond to the cave in your heart, by applying to the application, or responding/reacting to the situation
idea (Henshall: mind, thought, will)
ideas are sounds from the heart
feelings/state of mind perishes when you're busy...(because you have no time to think about anything
state of mind that we get from acting like the devil
mutual feelings are a concept
heart and nose both have breath
recess (Henshall: rest)
need to take a rest, heart pumping, nose flaring, tongue sticking
favor (Henshall: blessing, kindness)
kind hearted person blessed with 10 fields
.....artist's greatest fear... that your craft is mediocre at heart
beguile (Henshall: be confused)
at a fiesta, when you're confused you put your mouth on the floor (like some birds), so that someone might notice you and try to help
emotion running in your heart like a parade of mouths
jesus with his crown on his head walking on his legs with a broken heart since he bears the fate of man
widow is a widow because she stabbed the head of the house with a dagger
state of mind with a long span is an example of constancy
Prophet Jeremiah whose poetry gave an eminence
special state of mind by covering the five holes
dreadful -- kowai
linen wraps/covers around your state of mind, which is in fear
disconcerted (Henshall: be flustered, kyoukou - panic)
state of mind laid to waste until one figures out what's going on
repent (Henshall: regret)
everyone's state of mind has feelings of regret(repent)
state of mind increasing(head warming up and becoming hot)
be accustomed(used to) to have your state of mind(heart) pierced
butcher's state of mind (since his job can relieve much stress)
feel lazy and eat flesh with your left hand
humility (Henshall: be discreet, refrain)
discreetly refrain, masking true humility by refraining from telling your true feelings
etymology of "remorse" indicates a memory that returns again and again to "bite at" one's conscience and disturbs one's place of mind....emotional heart full of remorse....
recollection (Henshall: think, remember) (kioku = memory)
a thought in the heart is a though remembered(recollected)
pining (Henshall: yearn, adore, dear)
yearn/adoring your dear valentine whose graveyard you visit
annexed (Henshall: accompany, add)
giving water from the heavens to your valentine will definitely add her to your pick-up list(since she'll surely accompany you)
invariably (Henshall: necessarily)
dividing the heart in half, one of the invariably true bits of human anatomy: that each heart is divided into two halves
ooze (Henshall: flow, secrete)
water oozing/flowing/secreting from a divided heart