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"road" or "way"
neck of a road...traffic at standstill on roadway..bottleneck
when accepting someone's guidance, we permit ourselves to be glued to a certain road or way of doing something, and try to stick to it
cross set on a road
crossing with barbed fish hook...much like clover leaf design on highway to improve speed efficiency of traffic
make something out of nothing...way of revelation...god created the world out of a dark and chaotic nothingness
urge something to do something...may your way as appealing as possible...even whitewashing it a little
when you're escaping, you always feel like you're not running fast a turtle on a road
environs, area, vicinity, boundary
to keep environs clean and safe you cement daggers into the road and the blades are pointed upward so that no polluting traffic may pass through
a virtual deluge of motorcycle police washing down a road
first and last stroke are the front and back wheels. middle stroke are the seat carriage
take along, accompany
take along people, car on the road picking up friends and take them along
rut, track
car stuck in a rut, baseball team stuck in a rut
left side is a vehicle. right side, first 3 strokes are the primitive for meeting. below are flesh and saber, which all combine to mean butcher. think of a "trucker's convoy"
in front
butcher hacking away with a knife at a slab of meat with a pair of ram horns placed in fron t of him
someone walking with his/her mouth between his/her each his/her own
trees as status symbols, especially for city people who don't seem them often, trees = suburbs = rich people = status
each field has its own abbreviation...note that stonger primitive is on the left
when you are a guest in a courteous town, each household has its own way of welcoming you and each house becomes your home
forehead, sum, amount, frame
out of respect you don't look direct into a guest's eyes, but at the top button of their collar. here, however, you look at their forehead
fatigued by the heat during the summer, your head hangs down nearly as far as your walking legs, or rather your "dragging legs"
stretched out walking legs and little bit of wind...using one's legs to kick something out of the way
pinocchio's legs...made of two trigs from a tree, giving him a set of twigy shanks
when water falls it splashes, when flower petals fall, they float gently in the breeze. to each thing its own way of falling