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ri (computer)
rice division based on the size of a rice field
flames pouring out of computer, charring the keyboard, monitor, and your desk a sooty black color
black ink
used in kanji for string taut and snapped to mark a surface, just like a chalked string...imagine marking dirt with black lines for a football game(presumably on a white field)
same carp in japan's famous carp or two stung on the line father made for his son who has courage and determination of a carp swimming upstream, and also the efficiency and memory of a computer
quantity as measuring time and distance....a quantity in the new day that begins with nightbreak, and a quantity of distance in the rural ri
1/1000th of yen...came to mean very, very at the bottom of a cliff by someone fed up with market rin
burying our beloved computer that has served us so well these past years
one...mouth...under a hood..monks cowl covering face so you can only see their mouth.....monks speak their prayers in mouth under a hood as the kanji for the samness of monastic life
animal lair hollowed out in the side of a mountain..den of wild beasts dressed up in habits and live the common life in a mountain cavern...sacred puddle in the center of the den
part of the body left when we have truncated all of the limbs..lumberjacking corpses and having them all properly pruning so that they can be floated downstream without causing a body jam
wee drop in the distance...
transparent helment with no eyes or nose, but a prominent mouth under it, obviously an alien...and what is it jabbering about..well his spaceship over yonder with its empty fuel tank
esteem canopy...mouth...
littleness is important..
shrunken,stuffed, mounted mouth of an esteemed ancestor..
character child born to a japanese house is given a character
reason to have a guard is to stick to like glue to your house to protect it from unwanted prowler
perfect that has been made perfectly from its beginnings in the foundation to the roof to the top
house...span...proclaiming the good news to all nations... shouting it from the housetops
wee hours
house..candle...burning the candle at both ends late at night to do work
woman's place in the house...after a hard day's work...scruffy, weary woman of the house slouched asleep in living room chair, her hair in curlers and a duster lying in her lap
banquet day of work that comes between a woman and her house in preparing for a dinner banquet, pictorally "interrupting" her relaxation
draw near
house...strange..something eerie or dangerous is approaching....a strange house... haunted house of usher...edgar allan poe...gingerbread house that lured hansel and gretel to draw near
all wealth is kept under the roof of the same house
shells as currency....nail under the roof points to a hiding place where ones stores shells for safekeeping