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What did freud believe was the purpose of REM?
A time to be safely insane as one got to release their libido. No release meant developing psychopathology.
Dement decided to test this. he deprived 2 people of REM for 15 days. What did he find?
He thought there might be signs of psych disturbance so he stopped the study, however as it was not controlled, the conclusions were suspect.
What have other REM deprivation studies found?
slight but significant behaviour changes in animals. rats showed incrased heartrate, body temp and aggression. In humans emotional lability, anxiety, irritability and short term memory loss.
has REm deprivation been used with those suffering from depression?
yes, has an unlifting effect, but once the deprivation stops and REM rebound occurs so does the effect. this has not been a consistant finding in studies, though.
Can it be said that REm helps to keep our emotions or cognitions in balance?
no not really. there is only evidence of mild impairment to memory consolidation when REm is suppressed.
Why is it hard to study stage 4 sleep deprivation?
because its really hard to supress it, more difficult than REM. The only way to do it is to deprive them of sleep all together.
Some studies managed to reduce delta wave sleep by interrupting sleep with auditory stimulation everytime they started to go into delta wave sleep. What were the findings of these studies?
the individual feels lethargic, hypo-active, socially withdrawn, sensitive to pain and unable to cope.
What condition causes reduced delta wave sleep/
fibromyalgia - highly sensitive to pain that cannot be explained. they have damage to the brain stem which makes their delta wave sleep superimposed with alpha waves.