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1. biblical objectives for punishment
Spitz (Jewish Tradition)<CAPITAL PUNISHMENT>1. realignment of G-d with creation, 2.retribution-eye for an eye, 3. deterrence – deter people from trying to do what u did.
2. Jewish and Noachide courts
Spitz (Jewish Tradition)1. the difference between the two courts , 2.apply to jews and non Jews. 3. need 2 eyewitnesses restrictive and why they are is so you don't have to respect the death penalty.
3. death penalty challenges
Spitz (Jewish Tradition) more reliability, black or poor people more likely to receive death penalty rather than rich white, using death penalty sparingly, prison alternative to death, ineffective deterrant in capital crime.
1. ritual
Smith (Sacrifice) A. Sacred-power set apart from the ordinary events of world, B. Profane-its ordinary events of world. What happens in ordinary world. Independent of sacred.
2. 3 elements of ritual
Smith (Sacrifice) A. Ritual actions as perfected-precisely timed and organized. Everyone has a specific role to play. Unlike profane world, B. Ritual action imitates the divine-(Omniscience, to know everything infinitely about a person, Omnipotence-procreate have power over life or death. Human beings does not have capability) C. Ritual action as safeguard against dangerous activity-profane world fighting back and ritual world not fighting back.
3. roles of victim
Smith (Sacrifice) human part holding them accountable. etc. domesticated animals and Aztecs sacrificing humans
1. Private v. public killing
Meilaender (Protestant)serves desire for person v. state does on behalf of common good. Motivation serves as purpose.
2. Equality of sin
Meilaender (Protestant)before god. Born into sin. Sinful but we all dont break law. People who break law must be held accountable.Guilt in relation to god
3. Inequality of guilt
Meilaender (Protestant)before society. Society will hold accountable not god. guilt we have before society
1. Vengeance
Yoder (Christian)something god doesn’t need to command. People are naturally vengeful. Kane and Abel. God saying you can’t take more than eye. With eye for an eye.God limits vengeance
2. Death penalty criticisms
Yoder (Christian)ineffective deteriotant, fallacy of courts, costs of death penalty, discriminates on the poor, reluctant jury. secular and religious reasons.
3. Christ as expiator
Yoder (Christian)<CAPITAL PUNISHMENT>use Christ as an example as an compensator. There is no need to sacrifice anymore. Christ ends all sacrifice. Role model. Whoever is without sin cast first stone, Christ forgive her rather than kill. Follow Christ in the bible as far as how we treat other people. Christ ends all expiation.
4. Christ as example
Yoder (Christian)<CAPITAL PUNISHMENT>Yoder wants people to follow today. Following Jesus’ Example.
3 moral stances
(U.S. Catholic Bishops) <WAR>. A. Political/Moral Realism-war is hell peace is suspended, B. Just War Reasoning-moral delegations does not apply, C. Pacifism-war is never justified.
jus ad bellum criteria
(U.S. Catholic Bishops)set of criteria to see if war is worth going into. Just cause-a real and certain danger must be present to protect innocent life and secure human rights, competent authority-can only be declared by PUBLIC order not private order, Comparative justice- which side is right in the dispute(no one should wage war, the rights justify killing, believe god is on their side), 4. Right Intention- can be legitimately intended only for reasons of just cause above, 5. Last Resort-for war to be justified all peaceful alternatives must have been exhausted, 6. Probability of Success- capable of winning..?.., 7. Proportionality- Benefit has to outweigh cost, no point in waging out war.
jus in bello criteria
(U.S. Catholic Bishops)Law concerning acceptable practices while IN war.
Double effect
(U.S. Catholic Bishops)- lost of innocent is justified if they were not intended target.
negative peace
(U.S. Catholic Bishops)absence of fighting or war. Positive is war with starvation, voilence, etc.
3 definitions of Islam
Kelsay (Islam & War)command good and prevent evil, an order society thats consistent with what god created for us,guide given to humanity by creator. orphaned at 6 uncle adopts him, married at 29- fled to mecca because he lost protection-famous uncle died. went to mecca with followers.
3 types of jihad
Kelsay (Islam & War)Jihad of heart, tongue, and sword
Kelsay (Islam & War)12ers created by, only defensive wars are started.
dar al-harb
Kelsay (Islam & War)territory where heedless people live.
dar al-islam
Kelsay (Islam & War)territory where submission of Allah live. Spreads Islam because they think its only thing peaceful.
Myth of time
King (Birmingham Jail)time is neutral, kings says don’t wait it out you have to fight for it. everything you have to fight for.
4 steps of non-violent direct action
King (Birmingham Jail)1/determination of justice, 2/Negotiaiting for change, 3/self purification, and 4/direct action which is act of demonstration
Criticisms of King
King (Birmingham Jail)Outsiders should not interfere, Civil rights should come through negotiation, not demonstration, demonstrations are untimely, it encourage people to break law, and lead to violence.
“little guy"
Trumbo (Johnny)”- upper class profits off the little guy who go fight for war
Dying to protect life paradox
Trumbo (Johnny)him fighting for his girl but not everyone’s girl etc.
Trumbo (Johnny)feels that he have liberty, doesn’t want to trade it for abstract warmongers liberty.vague idea little guy gets sent off, him sleeping with his girl, walking around etc.
ecological ethic
Gross (Buddhist)environment ethic. reverence isn’t enough you have to have some type of reasoning. Value system people com to appreciate matrix of life. For the well being of life. Limit their consumption & reproduction for the earth.
2. Three-fold logic
Gross (Buddhist)A. View (Interdependence) everything is interdependent. Matrix of life.,B. Practice (Reflection on Desire), C. Result (Action) Buddhist get slammed for just sitting meditating. Sitting there preparing for the world. Wants to combat that idea of budhist
3. trishna
Gross (Buddhist) DESIRE-People think having more = happiness. Enough is never enough for them.
4. equanimity
Gross (Buddhist)an alternative to trishna- instead of striving for more be conent with what we have instead of wanting more.
5. Idiot compassion
Gross (Buddhist)generosity without discipline. If you don’t know what the person needs what needs can you do.
1. BAL tashit
Gordis (Jewish-Do not destroy during war, peace, and of natural and human-made objects.
2. sabbatical year
Gordis (Jewish)-every 7 sears farmers do not cultivate, the trees grow naturally to replenish the earth.
3. jubilee year
Gordis (Jewish)- Every 50 year all lands are sold and returned to the original owner.
1. Religious matrix
Zaidi (Islamic)not religious, but moral problem. It’s a religious solution though. Grounded in concept of divine it’s the main reason represents unbiased standards.
2. Justice
Zaidi (Islamic)fairness
3. taqwa
Zaidi (Islamic)surrender to the will of god
4. Knowledge
Zaidi (Islamic)requirements of understanding how the world works.
1. biocentric
Gustafson (Christian)place value of nature independently. (intrinsic)
2. anthropocentric
Gustafson (Christian)Usefullness with nature. (utitlitarian)
3. theocentric
Gustafson (Christian)Radical dependency on earth and environment
4. 5 theocentric stances
Gustafson (Christian)- despotism-control over nature, dominion-earth is on loan to humans by god, stewardship-on loan also but emphasis on humans have to take care of it, subordination-no control over natur, and participation-does'nt mean its going to benifit.
5. Typology
Gustafson (Christian)classifies human behavior, certain patterns of behavior you come up with a type. Observe types like Biocentric and make decisions on how they will act.
1. 4 Biblical passage on homosexuality
(Lutheran Statement)<SEXUAL ETHICS>just because homosexuality not permitted there are other behaviors that we do and we chose not to follow that.1. Sodom and Gomorrah,(Lutheran Statement)1. Sodom and Gomorrah, 2. Levitical Laws should not vile with same sex.,3. Corinthians-
4. Romans
2. 3 stances toward homosexuals
love the sinner hate the sin, accept it but at least have relationship, homosexuality is just another gift from god, embrace it.(Lutheran Statement)
1. 3 essential characteristics of humans
Novak (Classical Judaism)sexual beings-meant to procreate, social beings-meant to be social, and created under god
2. 3 forbidden sexual behaviors
Novak (Classical Judaism)1.(incest)-disturbs sociology, 2.(homosexuality)-counterfamilial, counterprocreative, and 3.(bestiality)-cant have social w/animal cant talk to them,
3. 3 reasons homosexuality is forbidden
Novak (Classical Judaism)a. counterfamilial (bi-sexual nature of humans)-cannot build families, b. counterprocreative-2 people same sex cannot create kids., c. Lustful-not creating
1. Creator’s plan for marriage
Doctrine of Faith (Catholic)A. Men and women are compliments, B. communion through sex-becoming one flesh. Having a union through sex. Communion with sex. C. C. Union of man and woman as participation in creation (Gen. 1:28)- by having children.
2. Church stance on homosexuality
Doctrine of Faith (Catholic)Its a troubling moral and social problem., A. Homosexuality is a “disordered” anomaly-all who suffer are not necessarily responsible for it., B. Homosexuals are called to be chaste or morally right to express love in a truly committed relationship., C. Homosexuals should be respected-shown compassion. Shouldn’t mistake with condoning behavior
3. Grounds to deny gay unions
Doctrine of Faith (Catholic)A. Inconsistent with natural moral law (right reason)-human laws are not legimitate . Only legit when the commit to natural law. Illegitimate because it does not correspond with natural law., B. Lacks biological and anthropological elements of marriage-cant procreate so they cant contribute. Child cant develop fully unless they have a mom and dad, C. Contrary to social order- creates moral confusion by saying its okay to do this. Concerned about the younger generation where it is okay., D. Contrary to legal order-part of what it means to contribute to society is to have children.
4. complementarity
Doctrine of Faith (Catholic) Men and women were created to be compliments (Gen. 1:27)
• Complementarity-Live in a state of compliment to each other. humans created both male and female then they split in half. One half always yearns for other half.