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Historical sources for Jesus (4)
Josephus: a jewish hisorian- he recognized Jesus to be a historical person who had a profound impact of the people he encountered

Tactitus: Roman historian- Jesus is described as the fire that burned Rome- Nero (Roman emperor) blames Jesus and Christians

Pliny the Younger: wanted advice from emperor about dealing with chritians

Suetonuis: biographer of Roman emperors- wrote that the emperor Claudius expelled the Jews from Rome beacuse of the riots they were constantly causing on the instigation of Chrestus (Christ)
Name the books of the new Testament (4)
1. Gospels
2. Acts
3. Epistles
4. Revelation
* all deal with the life, death,and Resurrection of Jesus and the impact he had on the community of those who beleived in him- what we now know as the church
*total of 27 books
- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
- life, workes, message, death, and ressurection of Jesus
- not concerned with historical detail but with Jesus' message
Acts of the Apostles
- Luke's account of the early days of the Christian community under the leadership of Saint Peter
-Main focus is the spread of the Good News throughout the Roman Empire after the death and Resurrection of Jesus
Epistles (3)
1. Thirteen Pauline Epistles
- either written by or attributed to Saint Paul
-purpose was to support and educate Christians
2. The Letter to the Hebrews
- Sermon to Christians falling away from Jesus
3. Catholic Epistles
Book of Revelation
- aka Apocalypse
- encourages Christians to remain faithufl to Christ
-deals with their expectation that Jesus will return again in flory at the end of time to fulfull God's work on earth
Stages of Developement of Gospels
1. Jesus lives- active teaching
2. Jesus is talked about- oral tradition
3. Jesus is written about- New testament

* Resurrection is pivitol because it validates beleif
*Jesus is Lord )same as jews saying Lord instead as Yahweh)