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first commandment
i, the lord, am your god... you shall not have other gods besides me
second commandment
you shall not take the name of the lord, your god, in vain
third commandment
keep holy the sabbath day
fourth commandment
honor you father and your mother
fifth commandment
you shall not kill
sixth commandment
you shall not commit adultery
seventh commandment
you shall not steel
eighth commandment
you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
ninth commandment
you shall not covet your neighbor's wife
tenth commandment
you shall not covet your neightbor's goods
natural law
foundation for building the human community and all our laws
beliefs, values, virtues, rules, and principles we need to know for life
a special agreement the binds one person or a group to another person or group
sinai covenant
covenant between god and the israelites
ten commandments
a foundation and a center for moral teachings
good news of jesus christ
body of christ
the church
our callig by god
being set free from original sin
3 condtitions of a mortal sin
- nust involve grave and serious matter
-we must know it is mortally sinful
-freely and fully consent to it
to heal or to restore relationships that have been damaged
most basic awarness of wright and wrong
lord's prayer
the "our father"
worship and adortion of the devil
attempt to gain special knowledge or power over other people or events, usually through magic, astrology, or witchcraft
thought, word, or act making fun of or showing contempt or hatred for god, the church and the saints, or sacred objects
to give thanks to christ
to lie under oath
taking an oath
calling on god to do harm to a person
most serious promisses in which people call upon the name of god to bear witness to thier promise and to testify the truthof thier intentions
to listen
virtues by which we show love and supportr for our country and strive to be responsible citizens
the correct action
taking the life of an unborn child
the act of intentionally bringing about death to one who is gravely ill
to kill oneself
ordanary vs. extraodinary means
ordinary - preserving your good health
extraordinary - when you can't live w/o something
sexual revolution
the idea that we are allowed to use sex at any time or place we want
excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire that occurs in people who have not developed thier sexuality in a healthy and responsible way
requires the strength and self control not to engage in sexual activity until the right time
artificial birth control
tries to block unnaturally the purpose for which god intended human sexuality
the virtue that calls us to use our sexuality in a reasonable, responsible, and faithful manner
the idea that one race is at a higher level than another
the idea that a certain age is at a higher level than another
the idea that a certain sex is at a higher level than another
when we copy material from books and encyclopedias and present it as our own
saying what really happened
some one who puts on a false appearance
seal of confession
the solemn obligation of a priest never to tell what has been told to him in this sacrament
speaking or acting untruthfully ina way that deceives someone who has the right to know the truth
making up lies that hurts a persons reputation
theological virtues
devine powers that come from god alone
- faith
- hope
- love
a good habit that empowers a person to act according to reason and faith
an action or chioce that has been done and practiced over a long period of time.
seven gifts of the holy spirit
gifts that help us to be virtirous throughout life
good smaritan
one who doesn't take time to think about what is the right thing to do, one who just knew what was right, one who the right thing was just part of him
corporal works of mercy
concerned with material or physical needs of others (ex.)
- feed the hungry
- clothe the naked
- bury the dead
spiritual works of mercy
deal with the needs of the heart, mind, and soul (ex.)
- share knowledge with others
- comfort those who suffer
- be patient with others
steps in making a moral decision
Check out the influences; have the facts; others can help;in prayer ask god for help; choose; evaluate your choice
the official teaching office of the church