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What language were the gospels of the Bible written in?
Which gospel was written for a jewish audience, tried to show that jesus was the messiah of the jews, and quotes the old testament?
What is unique about the gospel of Mark?
It is the oldest gospel, witten down in 70 CE. Lively, narrative style
Which gospel was written by a native Greek speaker, writeen for a non-jewish, international audience, and in an elegant style?
What is uniqe about the gospel of John?
The lastest of the four gospels, around 90 CE, very different from the other three.
What are the "synoptic gospels"?
Matthew, Mark, and Luke who share much of the smae material
When/Where was Jesus Born?
Bethlehem around 6 BCE
Do we Jesus' childhood in the bible?
Gospels have no information on Jesus from bith to 12. Some information in other "apocryphal" gospels not in the bible.
What did Jesus do at age 12?
When to the temple in jerusalem and astonished the priests with his learning
When was Jesus baptized?
At age 30, by John the Baptist
Facts about Jesus' teaching in Galilee?
1-3 years: teaching, healing, performing miracles
Who was Pontius Pilate?
Procurator of Judea, presided of hearing in Jesus' sentanceing to death.
What is "Good Friday"?
The day Jesus was crucified
When did the ascension of jesus happen?
40 days after crucifiction.
When is Pentecost?
50 days after the {assover, when the disciples were in Jerusalem to celebrate Shavout
Which disciple was chosen by Jesus to lead the church and is often regarded as the first Pope?
St. Peter
What books of the bible were written by Paul?
Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, Thessalonians, {hilemon
What is Gnosticism?
Fell as if there is a divine spark, reincarnation, old test. god an imposter keeping people from true knowledge
What is Marcionism?
2gods: god of justice/god of goodness. jesus dies to save humans from god of justice.
Who is St. Augustine?
imortant thinker of early church. original sin, fall of man, predestination. wrote confessions about his misdeeds before conversion
How did the tradition of "the Pope" begin?
the bishop in rome claimed to be the leader of all Christians. Divine office. St. Peter the first pope
How did the split between the Eastern and Western church happen?
The Patriarch of Constantinople did not accept the Pope's authority. East: only 2-d figures, clergy can marry, greek sacred language.
Who was Thomas Aquinas?
One of the great thinkers of the middle ages. Dominican monk. Faith and reason can never contradict one another
Who is Lao-Tzu?
founder of taoism/author of tao te ching
What is the Tao Te-Ching?
religous book for Taoism.
What is Tao?
Tao is a path. cosmic order, force of life, person's goal is to become one with Tao.
Explain yin/yang. What religion does this belong to?
Yin is passive, cool, dark, and female
Yang is active, warm , bright, male

Theory of Taoism
Who is Chuang-Tzu?
greatest Chinease mystic. felt that all existance was an illusion
Who was K'ung Fu-tzu?
Confucious. gave advice to rulers, taught that religious rituals were important psycologically. gods not important.
Who was Confucius?
Same as K'ung Fu-tzu. Founder of Confucianism.
What is li?
ritual, etiquette. part of confucianism
What is hsiao?
piety and love: central idea of Confucianism. Praced by the 5 relations
What are the 5 relations in Confucianism?
1. Goodness of Kine/loyalty of subjects
2. Father's love/son's piety
3. Goodwill of elders/respect of young people
4. man's righeousness/woman's obedience
5. friend's faithfulness/friend's reciprocity
What are the four documents of Taoism?
1) The analects: Lun-yu-dialouges of confucious and students
2)The Doctrine of the Middle-Chung-yung
3)The Great Teaching-Ta-hsio-philosophy
4)Meng-tzu: works of Menicus
What is Shinto?
Japanese religion. no founder. loosely organized. often combined with other religions
what is Kami?
In Shinto, "spirits" god or supernatural being
Who are Izanami/ Izanagi?
Divine brother and sister, married, created Japanese islands and gave birth to gods according to Shinto
Who was Amaterasu?
daughter or Izanami/Izanagi, sun goddes, Japan's diety, ivented rice cultivation adn weaving, part of Shinto
What is torii?
In Shinto, a gate marking a sacred space. At temple entrances, in front of anything sacred.
What is Zoroastrianism?
Ancient religion of Iran.
Who is Zarathustra?
founder of Zoroastrianism. Taught that there was only one god. had 3 wives, 6 kids.
Who is Ahura Mazda?
In Zorostrainism, the only god, creator of heaven and earth.
What is the Avesta? What are the four parts?
Holy book of Zorostranism.
1)Yasna (72 hymns)
2) Yasht (hymns to dif. gods)
3) Venidad (laws and rules)
4) Vispred (prayers)
What is Avestan?
In Zorastrianism, an old form of Iranian
Who is atar?
Old Iranian god of fire
Who is Mithra?
In Zoro, old god of contract/soldiers
Who are the Mirthras?
roman soliders who worshipped Mithra in a cult.
What is a tower of Silence?
in Zoro, dead not buried or creamated, but put on "tower of silence"
What are the 6 Amesha Spenta?
Compared to angels:
1. Armaiti
2. Haurvatat
3. Asha
4. Vohumana
5. Kshathra
6. Ameretat
What is the Hebrew Bible?
old testament
What is the Tanakh?
old testament: the law, the prophets, and Ketubim
What is the Torah
Moses received the law (10 comandments)
Who is Abraham?
First of the father os Judaism. Believed in God's promist that he would have s ong in his old age
Who is Issac?
Abraham's son. Married to Rebecca
Who is Jacob?
Youngest of Issac's sons. Also called Israel after wrestling angel. Had 12 sons with Rachel and Leah. One daugehter (dinah). Joseph favorite song. Sons 12 tribes of Israel.
Who is King David?
David & Goliath. Later a king...wrote Psalms
Who was Soloman?
Son of David. wise built 1st temple.
What was diaspora?
the scattering of the jews after the 2nd temple was destroyed.
What is the Talmud?
religious and civil jewish law.
What is Sabbath?
Saturday. Considred a day of rest. Begins at sunset friday. one candel lite for every child. no work.
What is Rosh Hashanah?
Jewish New Year. Sept./Oct. Eat apples and honey
What is Yom Kippur?
Day of atonement. fast from sunset ot sunset. repent one's sins.
What is Hanukkah?
festival of light. Dec. 8nights to represent light buring for 8 nights instead of one
What is Purim?
Festival of lots. Feb/March. celebrated with costumes and candy
Who is Esther?
Jewish girl married to Persian King to save her people from teh evil Haman
What is Passover?
most important jewish holiday. around easter. exodus from egypt.
What is the seder?
ritual meal at passover symbolic foods, prayers, exodus story.
What is the Shavuot?
Spring harvest festival. celebrates 10 comandments
What is the Kabbalah?
mystical Judaism. Includes beleif in reincarnation. Meditaito and hidden meanings in the bible.
Who is John Wycliffe?
translated the Bible from Latin to English
Who is John Huus?
thought papcy evil-against the sale of indulgences
Who is Martin Luther?
German monk. wanted to abolish indulgences. wanted bible in many languages. 95 theses on door. all his books burnt and exiled as punishment.
What are the 7 catholic sacraments?
baptism, confirmation, confession, eucharist, marriage, last rites, preistly vows.
Whoa re the Jesuits?
"society of Jesus" strict catholic order.
What is the concept of immaculate conception?
Mary born without original sin.
Who is Allah?
In Islam, the one God. Same God as Christans and Jews.
Who is Muhammad?
A prophet of Allah. not divine. had a divine message. should be seen as an example but not worshipped.
Who is Khadijah?
wife of Muhammad. 15 year older than him.
Who was Gabriel?
Angel from Allah who told Muhammad there is one God.
What is Mecca?
brithplace of Muhammad. all Muslims make a journey there.
What is the Qur'an?
holy book of Muslims. words of God to the prophet Muhhamad.
What is the Hijra?
flight from Mecca to Yathrib. Begingin of Muslim calandar because it is the begining of the muslim community
What is Medina?
Once called Yathrib. Muhammad's message accepted here.
What is the hadith?
stories of Muhammad's life.
What are the 5 pillars of Islam?
1)declaration of faith (shahadah)
2)ritual prayer (salat)
3)giving to the poor (2.5% of income) zakat
4) fasting during ramadan
5) pilgramage to mecca
What is jihad?
struggle by heart, hand, tounge, or sword.