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Name the four collections of the shruti/sruti.
Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Soma Veda and Arthava Veda
name the four sections of the veda
mantras- student
Aranyaka- hermit
Upanishads- holy man
give 3 stories that are found in the smriti/smrti
Ramayana, Mahabharata Gita, puranas
describe the shruti/sruti(KNOWLEDGE)
hearings, wich the rishis(holy men) heard from the gods. Thus they are eternal and were in existence when the rishis discovered them
describe the smriti/smrti (MEMORY)
remembered from generation to generation then written down by wise men. This means that they are considered as lower than the sruti. If there is anything in smriti which conflicts with sruti, the sruti point in taken.
name the three vedas that make up the trinity
rig-veda(oldest), sama-veda and the yajur-veda
the rig-veda is the veda of what?
veda of praise
the sama-veda is the veda of what?
veda of chants
the yajur-veda is the veda of what?
veda of sacrifices
the arthava-veda is the veda of what?
veda of priest arthava
what does the rig- veda contain?
hymns to nature gods which reflect the nomadic life of the people who cry out to their favourite gods as they charge into battle, rejoice in the sun's rising or feel lonlely on a silent evening
what does the yajur-veda contain?
contains prose prayers for domestic and public rituals of the aryans in praise of agni
what does the arthava-veda contain?
corrects the pronunciation and errorsof the Trayi- Vidya with its incantations and magical texts for healing
what does the soma veda contain?
comprises hymns from the rig-veda to various gods arranged for the chanting priests to use in the Soma(hallucinatory plant) rituals of the Aryans in praise of agni