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what is a madraseh?
a school attached to a mosque where muslim children go to study the Qur'an
what is a surah?
a chapter in the Qur'an
what did the prophet muhammad teach?
that just as someone bathes in water to cleanse their body, so people immerse themselves in prayer to cleanse their soul
washing routine which must precede every act of prayer(Islam)
prayer routine with its actions and prayers
what is ramadan?
the month for fasting
festival which draws the fast to a close
what happens at the Id-ul-Fitr
they wear new clothes and receive cards and presents from relatives and friends
holy communion
the most important service in the christian churches;celebrates the death of Jesus
which churches celebrate dunn's river
Anglican,Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches
which churches believe that confirmation is one of the 7 sacraments?
Roman Catholic and Orthodox
How is the importance of the confirmation service shown?
by the fact that it is almost always carried out by a bishop
what is done to show that a person is being given the Holy Spirit during confirmation
the bishop lays his hands on the candidates