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Who is a saint?
a person in the Christian religion who had shown outstanding love and commitment to God throughout his or her life
Who is a martyr?
someone who has lost their life for their religious faith
How is someone made a saint?
by the Roman Catholic Church
Who are monks and nuns?
men and women who have chosen to devote their whole life to the service and worship of God
Who is the leader of the Roman Catholic church?
the Pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church which has over 1000 million members
From time to time the Pope makes ________ which Catholics believe came from ______ and these cannot be _________.
statements, God, challenged.
Where does a bishop conducts services?
in a cathedral
What is the main role of the rabbi?
to teach
The man who leads the singing in a synagogue
The main church in a diocese; a church where a bishop preaches
The main diciple of Jesus; became the first leader of the Christian Church after Jesus had left the earth
What does the Arabic word 'imam' mean?
'to stand infront'
Who is the imam?
the man who stands infront of the worshippers, leading them as they move through the rak'ahs and recite their set prayers
Each Hindu mandir has its own ______
Hindu priests are always drawn from the highest caste in Hinduism, ___________
What is the task of the priets?
to conduct acts of worship, called puja, in the mandir
Who is a sadhu?
a wanderer seeking spiritual enlightenment
Descibe the sadhu's life.
a sadhu's life is one of constantly moving around while thinking about the mysteries of birth, life and death
What is the moksha?
the final release from the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth
A member of the highest social group in Hindu society; priest are drawn from this group
The final release from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth in Hinduism
A Hindu act of worship
A Hindu holy man
People kneel in front of where to receive the bread and wine during communion
Where was the first Catholic church built and when?
in Sevilla Nueva in St.Ann in 1524
Where are most Orthodox churches found?
in Eastern Europe
In the Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal what is the centre of there worship
the pulpit
In Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, worship is centred around the celebration of what?
the sacraments
The raised platform at the eastern end of most churches; the place where Holy Communion is celebrated.
A cross which has the body of Jesus on it.
The name given to the service of Holy Communion in Orthodox church.
Holy Liturgy
The screen, covered with icons, which seperates the congregation from the altar in an Othodox church.
Special paintings of Jesus, the family of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or a saint; used as an aid to prayer in the Orthodox church.
A raised platform in a church from where the minister or priests preaches the sermon
What does the word synagogue mean?
meeting together
What os the most holy objects in the synagogue?
the scrolls of the Torah and they are stored in the Ark
The platform at the front of the synagogue form which the Torah is read
The everlasting light in a Jewish synagogue
Ner tamid
The scroll of the Torah set aside to be read in public in a synagogue
Sefer Torah