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I am depressed/ hopeless.
I have all the hope I need.

Rom. 15:13, Ps. 16:11, 27:13,
I feel unaccepted/unworthy
I am accepted/worthy

Romans 15;7 Ps. 139
There is nothing special about me.
I have been chosen/set apart by God.
Ps. 139; 1Cor. 1:30, 6:11
Esp. 1:4; Heb. 10:10 & 14
I have no one to take care of me.
I am protected, safe.

Ps. 32:7
I am a weak person.
I am strong in Christ.

Dan. 11:32, Ps. 37:34
Phil. 4:13
I am in bondage.
I am free in Christ.

Ps. 32:7, 2 Cor. 3:17,
John 8:36, Gal. 5:1
I am not very smart.
I have God's wisdom.

Prov. 2:6-7, 1 Cor. 1:30
I am unwanted/I don't belong to anyone.
I have been adopted by God.
I am His child.

Rom. 8:16-17, Gal. 4:5 Eph. 1:5, 1 John 3:2
I feel like nothing will ever change.
I have been given a brand new life. Christ is my life.

2 Cor. 5:17, Col. 3:4
I am unloved.
I am very loved.
John 17:23, Rom. 8:38-39
Eph. 2:4, 1 John 4:10-11
I can't reach God.
I have direct access to God as a believer.
Eph. 2:6; Heb. 4:16, 10:19-22
I am a sinner.
I have been made holy, righteous and justified. I am a saint.
Rom. 3:24, 1 Cor. 1:30,
6:11; 2 Cor. 5:21
I have no confidence.
I have the confidence I need.

Prov. 3:26, 14:26, 28:1
Heb. 10:19, Eph. 3:12
I feel like a failure/
I am adequate.

2Cor. 3:5-6, Phil. 4:13
I am alone.
I am never alone.

Heb. 13:5b, Rom. 8:38-39