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Ways of getting kicked out of the church?
Public Apostasy, Public Murder, Public Adultry
Six Stages of Sacrament of Pennance in the Mediteranian Church.
Wheepers, Standers, Kneelers, Layers, Holy Saturday, Celibacy
Basis of Morals
Right vs. Wrong behavior
The Basis of Ethics
Good vs. Bad for life or exsistance
How are morals determined?
Society, Church, Family
How are ethics determined?
Profession & Nature
How are Morals known?
Laws, Rules, Standards
What are the Consequences of Morality?
If caught punished
What are the Consequences of Ethics?
What are three reasons for the Death Penalty?
Closure for Family / Jesus didnt protest his own death / Deterent / Eye for and Eye /
What are three reasons against the death penalty?
Racism / discrimination / cruel and unusual Punishment / Innocent Die / never closure to loved one /
What is the difference between chronic hunger and Famine?
Chronic Hunger - Simply Poor, Will survive from it, yet die from something like the common cold. It is the constant lack of malnutrition

Famine- No food, caused by drought starvation. Dies from Lack of food.
How do you cure Chronic Hunger?
Teaching them how to survive.
How do you cure Famine?
Give them food and Resources
How are ethics known?
Trial and Error