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What is spirituality?
1) Many Forms to spirituality- can be discovered in a variety of human experiences ex: dance, drama, literature etc,
2. Journey of Self Dicovery and self knowledge - (self understanding)
3. Spirituality is transformational before its informational: meant to change or mind heart and soul. sparking a change with a person.
4. humility - surrender of a self centered, self absorbed exiestence.
5.goal of spirituality is the achievement of wisdom more than knoweldge
6. The imagination is a more important faculty than pure reason or logic. the ability to imagine new possibilites for society and the human community.
7. Yearning for wholeness and completeness: for meaning and purpose: love is one of the greatest feelings of wholeness and completeness- spirituality tells us who and what we are, wht we lack and what we can become.
How does Edward Norton descrive Faith?
Faith is not about having the right answers, its a feeling, a hunch. There is something bigger connection all of us together and that feeling and hunch is good.
According to Diana Eck- What are the three major options in religious dialouge?
1) Religious Exclusivism - there is no truth outside of ones own religion. This position excludes all other religions from possessing the truth or wisdom. (intolerance)
2) Religious inclusivism- ones own religion possesses the fullness of the truth but other religions may possess partial and limited understandings of the truth.
Religious pluralism - no one religion possesses the complete and toal truth.
Inana(sumerian) Ishtar (babylonian) - associated with sexuality beauty and love. - rejects traditional womens role- strong and warlike, associated with celebration and festivals: music dance and playfullness.
Traditional mother figure - shaping the child in the womb.
-tenderness mercy forgiveness
- midwife: help in birthing process.
goddess of wisdom and writing - all of the cultural arts - knowledge and truth.
SAGE: wise person, gret teacher who endows kings with wisdom
CIVILIZATION: makes cities possible-- art philosphy music writing.
(Cannanite) - related to the jewish u nderstanding of god. jewish god names = El, Shaddar, Elohim El Elyon.
Cannanite: related to weather, rain, storm and people turned to him in times of droughts. They belived baal would die and descend to the world of death (mot). Baal is finally saved and redeemed by his lover and sister Anath.