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the historical situation, audience, and circumstance
Occasional Documents
All NT books; created by specific occasions within early church. we must do our best to recreate the occasion in order to understand and interpret
Preterist (Contemporary Historical)
see all events of Rev. as already fulfilled in the Roman empire/ ancient church
Preterist (Contemporary Historical) strength
takes seriously the historical significance of the original readers, how it relates to the Roman Empire, and the events of the time
Preterist (Contemporary Historical) weakness
impossible to avoid that the final confrontation concludes with God winning over evil, so where and when did this happen? either the writer is wrong or too ambiguous that he led readers astray
Church Historical (Historicist)
each new generation interprets Rev. as applying to their generation's time and place specifically
Church Historical (Historicist) strength
it is good to find contemporary relevance just like it's good to look at historical significance
Church Historical (Historicist) weakness
how do you justify personal reading or speculation?, it is too subjective-I'm right and you're wrong
Futurist (Eschatological View)
Rev 4:1 and on is futuristic, Rev 1-3 is historical references
Rev 4:1 is John's transformation into heaven
teaching of the end times
Futurist (Eschatological View) strength
emphasis on that we are awaiting Christ's second coming, and it is a reality
Futurist (Eschatological View) weakness
John's book to early church has no relevance ot the people he gave it to
Rev 4:1 significance to dispensationalists
signifies the Rapture, the rest of Rev is about the world entering the Great Tribulation, Church Age closes and Age of Israel returns
significance of the 7 letters to dispensationalists
symbolic of different phases of church history currently happening
Idealist (Symbolic)
Rev is read as symbols/images that represent ongoing principles of God being opposed by worldly gods and unbelief, metaphors and allegories
Idealist (Symbolic) strength
allows you to take genre of apocalyptic literature more seriously, we can't understand the literature without understanding the symbols
Idealist (Symbolic) weakness
it's possible for idealist to forget that Rev applies to here and now and there really is going to be a return of Christ
the second coming
Historic Premillennialism
Christ arrives before the millenium, Christ will return and establish a literal earthly kingdom and rule for 1000 years, then Satan will be released but ultimately defeated
Christ after millenium, people of God slowly transform the world into the kingdom of God, Jesus returns after the millenium, popular thru 1800s and source of the Great Awakenings
Amillenialism (Present-Millenialism)
Dispensationalism Premillennialism
we are living in church age, age of Israel continues at the Rapture
significance of 1000 year reign in Amillenialism/Present-Millenialism
10^3, intended to proclaim Christ's/Church's work
order of events of pre-tribulation
7 yrs of tribulation after the Rapture
Christ returns
1000 yr millenium
last judgement
Rev 21
why some find dispensationalism appealing from the book
1. dark view of coming events corresponds to perceptions that world is sliding into increasing violence and moral decay
2.not only does it promise that god's purpose will be carried out, but they can know HOW
3.teaching allows those who come to faith to escape before the horrors
Problems from the book with dispensationalism pg 24
1.system has a mechanistic view of prophecy fulfillment that is foreign to Rev.
2.neither Daniel nor Rev refers to the rapture
3.unwarranted sharp distinction between israel and the church
4.system confuses literal and symbolic
OT prophecy verses that are fulfilled multiple times
1. Is 7:14 The virgin will be with child
2. "suffering servant" in Isaiah
"Do not delay, O declare dishonorable the arrogance of the dragon"
Ps. Sol. 2:25-6 refering to Pompey in capturing Jerusalem
monsters/sea designates
1. cosmic forces,(of evil/chaos)
2. nations-Egypt, Babylon
3. individuals of those nations, rulers (pharoah, king of babylon)
2 points of throne room scene
1. god is in control
2. ultimate goal is adoration
Daniel 7:9-13 parallels Rev 10:5-11
John's son of man is described exatly like Daniel's God
Isaiah 11:4 parallels 49:2
judgement is like a rod coming from mouth; mouth like a sharpened sword, Jesus has taken on attributes of God
3 componants of the letters to the churches
1.they are facing serious opposition from Jews
2.opposition from Roman state,Antipas and diefied emporers persecution but spiritual apathy in 3:3 and lukewarm in 3:15
where are the 4 creatures found in the OT?
Ezekial 1
the scroll in the OT
Ez 2:9-3:4
seals in ancient church history
1. identified authorship
2. contents were not tampered with
3. could only be opened by people with right to break seal
significance of 6th seal
prophetic language to bring God's judgement: blood red and earthquakes...language is repeated at end of each perspective
4 horsemen significance
conquest, violence, hardship and death
effect of vision in rev. 6 on the reader (threats)
awaken a sense of uneasiness by vividly identifying threats to well-being
regarding evil
4 observations of 5th seal-God receiving prayers from the martyrs
1.god rewards faithfulness after death
2.suffering is normal
3.god decided to delay his intervention without explanation
4.challenge for people to perservere and overcome
cosmic symbolism of 6th seal in OT
Isaiah34:1-4, Babylonian exile but Isaih reassures that God will vindicate them...symbolic language to depict cosmic significance, multiple fulfillments
6th seal ends with question Who can stand?
interlude then great uncountable multitude in white robes, they will be sealed (identity/ownership and protection) Mark of lamb! in comparison with mark of beast in 13
1.beginning.warning of an attack, beginning/warning of destruction
2.praise to god, resupmtion of heavenly chorus of worship
purpose of the stylized way the trumpets strip reader's security
bring repentence, vindication
why is scroll sweet then sour?
god WILL save them but thru suffering
time of trial and hardship
2 witnesses
Luke 10 disciples
faithful witness thru out all time
"lampstands" of first 3 chps, these are representing people of god going out adn doing ministry
Seventh day adventists
william miller, 1843-44
Jehovah's Witnesses
Charles Taze Russell, 1914
Waco, Branch Davidians
Vernon Howell..DavidKoresh