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what is a sacrament?
an outward sign instituted by Christ through which inward grace is imparted to the soul.
what are the two parts of the outward sign of a sacrament?
matter and form
what is matter?
remote or proximate; the sensible sign or exterior act used in its administration.
what is form?
the words pronounced by the minister as he applies the matter.
what are two kinds of grace?
sanctifying grace and sacramental grace; these special graces enable the recipient to obtain the end for which the sacrament was instituted and are given according as circumstances demand.
why do we need sensible signs?
because we are composed of body and soul; we are not pure spirits.
which sacraments were instituted by Christ?
holy eucharist, holy orders, baptism, and penance.
which sacraments were instituted by the Apostles?
extreme unction and confirmation.
which sacraments were instituted by scripture?
how do the sacraments relate to our natural life?
baptism: spiritual birth and natural birth; eucharist: eating to nurish the body and the soul; penance: heals the soul just like a doctor heals the body; confirmation: strengthens the soul just like the body is strengthened and being prepared for the world; matrimony: the supernatural union and the union between husband and wife; holy orders: human society and the spiritual life needs teachers; extreme unction: both the body and the soul need comfort.
which sacraments perfect the individual?
baptism, eucharist, penance, confirmation, and extreme unction.
which sacraments perfect society?
matrimony and holy orders.
which are the sacraments of the living?
eucharist, confirmation, extreme unction, matrimony, and holy orders.
which are the sacraments of the dead?
baptism and penance.
which sacraments can be received only once?
baptism, confirmation, and holy orders.
which sacraments can be received more than once?
matrimony, eucharist, penance, and extreme unction.
how do we know that there are seven sacraments?
we know that there have always been seven sacraments because the greek/coptic/armenian/and syrian monophysite churches still have seven sacraments. the greek separated from the church in the 9th century and the rest in the 5th century.