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The king of Israel at the time of Jesus' birth was who?
Herod the Great
In Palestine during the time of Jesus, 90 percent of the population belonged to which social class?
the poor
Name 3 reasons house churches were important among the early Christians.
1. provided space where they could gather
2. created envionment where they could pray
3. provided a community of support and hope
Describe 3 jewish beliefs at the time of Jesus.
1. believed in God the creator
2. they were to carry his image through history
3. he made a covenant with his people.
Dorothy Day founded what movement?
Catholic worker movement
What do we know about St. Mark's Gospel?
it's the shortest gospel
Why does Mark conclude the Baptism of Jesus with the arrest of John the Baptist?
to show the shadow of the cross will follow
In Mark's Gospel when does Jesus first state that he is the Messiah?
when he's on trial before Pilate
Im Mark's Gospel who show faith in Jesus as he dies on the cross?
Mary, John, the somen and the Roman soldier
In Mark's Gospel who were the first four disciples to be called by Jesus?
Simon, Andrew, James, John
What is the message of the shorter ending by Mark's gospel?
jesus calls us to continue his story by responding to his disciples
What are the 3 themes found in both luke's gospel and the acts of the apostles?
1. mary is our model of discipleship
2. jesus words, deeds and table fellowship through his follower
3. accepting all people as children of god
at the transfiguration, three apostles saw jesus talking with ___ and ___
moses and elijiah
the parable of the ___ exteds love of neighbor to include everyone- even ones enemies
good samaritan
on the rode to emmaeus, the two disciples recognize jesus as soon as he what?
broke bread
john's gospel contains (more, less) stories about jesus than the synoptic gospels
only in whose gospel is the divinity of jesus clearly stated from the beginning and highlighted throughout
the ___ statements in John's gospel reminds the audience of moses encounter with god; they are meant to convey the divinity of jesus
i am
the book of revelation ( is, is not) a secret code book that describes the end of the world
is not
the book of revelation was most likely written by who?
john's followers
what are short stories of wisdom and truth that present listeners with a challenge to respond to the word of god
which parable shows gods mercy and compassion to those who sin
the prodigal son
the romans (were, were not) the first to invent crucifixion as a form of capital punishment
were not
the what commemorate the stops along the via dolorosa, jesus' journey to calvary and the tomb
stations of the cross
how many of the new testament epistles were written by paul
according to paul we (can, can not) achieve justification by our own efforts
can not
the body of christ is a phrase used only by who to express the relationship of christ the church and its members?
which letter stresses the need to witness to faith in both words and actions. the writer indicates that controlling our speech is the hardest of all human skills
who were a jewish group whose main focus was obedience to the law
who were a jewish group that did not believe in life after death
the dead sea scrolls were found where, the northwest shore of the dead sea
throughout scripture and in marks gospel where was the place where people met
she walked thousands of miles to encourage people to overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love
peace pilgrim
a group in marks gospel who opposed jesus
the term that refers to the discovery that jesus is the messiah as shown by his healing, preaching and teaching
messianic secret
the term that refers to the paradox that the messiah that will have to suffer and die for others
messianic mystery
they were symbolic of the twelve tribes of israel; they are to be the leaders of the new people of god
the province containing jerusalem and the temple was what
where did jesus grow up
a name that means friend of god
the first martyr of the church
paul saw his vocation as being a missionary to whom
the gentiles
followers of jesus were first called christians where
the first church council was held where
the wife of aquila, converted by paul and became a missionary
the first city in europe where the gospel of jesus was preached
the symbol in revelation that means completeness
in johns gospel jesus first reveals his identity to who
samaritan women
expressions of truths or generalizations of human experience through the use of extended symbolic fictional figures or action
for john the basis for all of jesus miracles was the what
he underwent a gradual and slow process of being reborn in the spirit
according to john, at the last supper jesus taught that love is the heart of Christian what?
what is a hypothetical source for verses in matthew and luke
q document
the four whats wrote down the oral traditions about the life, death, and resurrection of jesus
what is an account of the saving action of god through human history
salvation history
hebrew scriptures plus addition books such as tobit, judith, and others
old testament
what are the books of the bible that come from the jewish people before the time of jesus
hebrew scriptures
what are writings accepted by the church as inspired by the holy spirit and thus part of the bible
what is a greek word that means anointed one or messiah
what is the term that means god made flesh
ways of living that can bring true happiness
term that is never used in Matts gospel
kingdom of god
what are stories of jesus that give us clues about the kingdom of heaven
the place where jews and christians worshiped together before the war against rome
is the event at which the holy spirit appeared as a dove
jesus baptism
prayer that says to love god with your whole heart, sole and mind
is the second volume of lukes writing to be found in the new testament
acts of the apostles
is a womans song in old testament that is similar to marys song of praise
is the prophet who appears with jesus at the transfiguration
is the man in the parable of the good samaritan who refuses to help the beaten man on the road
are those who are poor and outcasts of society
are romans, first and second corinthians, first and second thessalonians, galatians and hebrews
pauline letters
are colossians, ephesians, phillipians, and philemon
captivity letters
are first and second timothy and titus
pastoral letters
are james, first and second peter, first, second and third john, and jude
catholic letters
is the most articulate of pauls letters, paul traces gods gift of salvation from adam to jesus
letter to the romans
is the shortest of pauls letters
is probably the first new testament book written
1st thessalonians
is the total number of books in the new testament
a term given to the gospels of mark, matthew and luke
what are the 3 stages of gospel development
jesus life, oral proclamation, written proclamation
who doesnt give a narrative of jesus birth
st john
which gospel reflects negative feelings toward the pharisees, who exommunicated jewish christians because they didnt fight in the war against rome
the beatitudes of jesus (accept, reject) the law of the 10 commandments
according to jesus, true happiness (is, isnot) found in god, not things
the only meal of jesus that is recorded in all four gospels
feeding of the 5000
which of the following is an example of a miracle of healing?
a. jesus cures two blind men
b. jesus rids a boy of a demon
c. jesus walks on water
d. jesus raises lazarus from the dead
miracle of exorcism
a. jesus heals an officials son
b. jesus heals a man with an unclean spirit
c. jesus raises the daughter of jairus
d. jesus stills the storm
miracle over death
a. jesus feeds the four thousand
b. jesus heals a canaanite woman's duaghter
c. jesus heals ten lepers
d. jesus raises the daughter of jairus
miracle over nature
a. jesus heals a crippled woman
b. jesus heals those possessed with demons
c. jesus turns water into wine at a wedding in cana
d. jesus raises lazarus
which of the following statements about the passion accounts is true?
a. all four gospels present the passion of jesus in the same way
b. the passion of jesus is found in the synoptic gospels, but not in john
c. the goal of the evangleist was to express faith
d. the goal of the evangelists was to record every detail of history
the jewish sanhedrin charged jesus with what crime
the roman government charged jesus with what crime
the new testaments records how many last words of jesus?