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What is the root of our word "bible"?
From the greek word ta biblia meaning books.
How do the protestant and roman catholic versions of the OT differ?
Protestant-27 books
Roman Catholic-39 books
What is "TANAK"?
hebrew/jewish term for the OT
Define septuagint
Greek translation of hebrew scriptures
Define Canon
a measuring stick
Define apocrypha
extra books in the OT, "hidden books"
define deuterocanonical
a second canon, bridge between end of OT and beginning of NT
define pseudopigrapha
false writings
what are the 4 main geographical zones of palestine that run from north to south?
Coastal plains, hill country, central mountains, jordan rift(valley)
Name a significant invention of the sumerians
invented language (cuneiform, pictographic)
Who were the phillistines and what skill did they have that gave them an advantage over their neighbors?
"the people of the sea", ironmaking
Name the 3 small states across the Jordan river from palestine
edom, moab, ammon
define semitic
largest ethnic group classified by language
fertile crescent
agricultural land from egypt to mesopotamia
define gift of the nile
define satrapies
In what archaeological ages do the OT occur
late bronze age and iron age
define archaeology
studyof mterial things in mankind's past
define cuneiform
wedge shaped writing
define heiroglyphics
picture language from Egypt
define tell
mound made up of destroyed cities
define sherds
pottery fragments
define ostraca
broken pottery with writing on it
what significant development was made by sir william flinders petrie
pioneered pottery dating
what is the Moabite stone and what is its significance
reveals moabite writing and worship of its natural god and relation to isreal
what is the Siloam inscription
found in tunnel, tells story of two groups meeting in the middle
What is the significance of qumran
Define lower and higher criticism
lower-trying to fix old manuscripts
higher-interpretation of corrected text
give some examples of how errors crept into biblical manuscripts
ony consanents, handcopied with no proofreaders, oral copys, handwriting, words combined/split,intentional additions
define exegesis and eisegesis
ex-reading from the text
ei-reading into the text
define masoretic
standard hebrew text
define vulgate
st jeromes careful latin translation
define redaction
positive role of editing
who was jean austruc and what did he do
he condluded that moses must have used two or more sources when composing the first 4 books of the bible. WHO?
who was julius welhausen
identified 4 clear written sources in the Pentateuch
what are source criticism and form criticism
source-written documents behind writings?
form-oral studies
explain jdpe
four sources, yahwist,priestly,elohist,deuteronomist
characteristics of J
yahwist, god is yahweh, god walks and talks, stress on blessing, earthy speech about god, stresses the leaders, narrative stories, natives-canaanites,stress on judah
characteristics of P
elohim, cultic approach to god, stress on law obeyed, majestic speech of god, stresses the cultic, dry lists of schemeta, stress on judah
characteristics of E
elohim, god speaks in dreams, stress on fear of the Lord, refined speech about god, stresse the prophetic, narrative and warnings, stress on N. Israel, uses Horeb, calls natives amorites
what is the documentary hypothesis
theory of 4 sources JEPD
what is prehistory and what part of the OT can be defined as prehistory
collection of rememberances and theological reflections before exodus
compare and contrast two creation storie
1st-priestly, neat 7 steps, god transcendant and majestic, gods word is effective
2nd-told in form of story, god is imminent and accessable, accounts for the presence of sin
define etiological
explains reasoning
what is the epic of gilgamesh
has parallels to noahs ark, tried to be immortal but failed
in what sense can gen 1-11 be considered mythological?
what is a ziggurat
temple tower, 'raised to the gods'
what is enuma elish
babylonian scriptures (p authors copied it)
hows does boadt describe the lifestyle of abraham and his descendants
chiefs of wealthy clans, depend on raising small livestock, semipermanent roots near large cities
what did god promise abraham
he'll become great nation(implying great numbers and territory), control other nations
define eponym
person from whom a tribe of nation gets its name
define theophany
"appearance of god"
when was the middle bronze age
2000-1700 BC
Who were ishmael and esau
ish-abrahams son (isaac's brother)
esau-isaac's son, jacobs twin
what is a saga
heroic tales about the ancestors of a well-known family, not necassarily true or false, oral
name the main patriarchs and their wives
jacob-rachel, lean,( zilpah, bilhah
joseph-no wife
define hyksos
foreign kings
define apiru/habiru
wandering bands of marauders
what is the significance of pharoah amenhotep IV
monotheism, wanted to change religion of egypt to similar faith
define yahweh
"to be", gods name
what is the most likely time of the exodus
1300-1280 bc
describe palestine on the eve of the hebrew invasion
small walled cities with kings always at war among themseves, wanted change in the balance of power
what to anciant feasts are reflected in the celebration of passover
sheephearders right of killin a newborn lamb and using blod to drive away evil spirits in the pasture land
ridding houses of old yeast and grain to celebrate new spring crops