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what must the priests of today do that was different than at that time?
they most complete many years of study befor ordination
the majority of marylands population was what faith?
which religion settled in pennsylvania? why?
quakers, amdish, mennonite, catholics for religious reasons
which religious orders did most of the evangelization of the native people of the Americas?
fransiscan and dominican friars
where did the french spread the faith
canada and american midwest
where di the japanese spread te faith
where did the spanish spread the faith?
where did the portuguese spread the faith?
how did the discoveried of galileo, newton amd harvey affect the church
their discoveries raised interesting questions from the catholic community concerning creation. etc. and the threatened the belief that God can do any and everything
what happened between the church and galileo?
galileo was condemned for saying the earth revolved around the sun. He signed a statement taking back his own discovery
The french revolution
*concerned nobility vs the common people
*nobility suppressed the church, the papacy and the clergy
*pope pius vi was removed frome rome, imprisoned in france, and died in august, 1799
* the church was without a pope for 8 months until March1, 1800 - itwas too dangerous for the cardinals to meet to select one
*napoleon Bonoparte became the ruller of france and befriended the church. pope pius vii was the new pope elected in venice
*apolean tried to take over england in 1809. the pope refused to agree with this, pius vii was imprisoned in france until 1814- the french revolution was over, napolean was executed
pope pius x
* the only pope of the last 2 centuries to be canonoized
* urged people to recieve holy communion frequently, even daily
*children should recieved as asoon as they reach the age of reason
*music at mass should help people to pray
* people should participate at mass
*later the 2nd vatican council 1960 would returd the mas to the vernacular
the catholic church in north america was largely due to what 3 countries?
spain, France, and England
spain establishe areas mainly where?
in florida, texas, california
France established areas mainly where?
quebec and montreal accompanie by Jesus- 1600's