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Acts of a Human
Acts that are involuntary and don't require intellect.
Being guilty or deserving punishment
Thought before making a moral decision.
lack of good; opposes moral law
Freedom of Excellence
power to act freely in pursuit of human perfection.
Freedom of Indifference
Power to choose between the contraries.
Full Knowledge
The clear and deliberate knowledge of one evil doings.
Human Act
An act that is performed with both knowledge and free will.
The lack of knowledge.
Indifferent Acts
Acts with no moral value; based on the intentions and circumstances surrounding themselves.
Indirect Responsibility
The attribution of the effect that secondarily follows a free act
Invincible Ignorance
The ignorance that can over come guilt and is caused by lack of knowledge.
Moral Act
Any human act that contains moral content.
Partial Knowledge
knowledge obscured by object that is interfering with moral Judgement.
The ability to discern the most moral course of action.
The demand for the account of ones actions
Subjective morality
Non-Universal moral standards
acts against someones will
Vincible Morality
Morality that is fallible