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a greek word that means"one who speaks before others"
a part of the old testiment book of Isiah
servent songs
A hebrew name that means "Yahweh is salvation"
the immage of the ideal faithful Jew suffering in exile
Suffering Servent
The christian celebration that focouses on Jesus, the suffering survent of God
Good Friday
the old testament prophets were appointed and cosen by god to _____ __ ___ ____
speak in his name
the prophet _______ is named most often by the writers of the new tstament
_____ lived in Jerusalem between 742 B.C. and 701 B.C.
The 1st followers of Jesus were Jews who would have been firmilar with the _________ _______ __ ___ _________ __ ___ ___ __ _____
suffering servant of God described in the book of isiah
Catholics belive that thier own suffering has value for
thier own salvation and the salvation of the world
The old testiment prophet most often namedin the new testament
the old testament prophet who denounced God's people for worshiping the false gods of thier neighbors
The old testament prophet who comnened injustice and reminded the isralites of thier obligation to care for one another espically the poor and widdowed
The suffering survent described by Isiah
Conqured the isralites and sent them into exile
Describe the role that the old testament prophets played in the life of the people of God
The old testament prophets were people chosen by God to deliverhis message to the people of God. The prophets reminded the people that God was always faithful to them- even when they abondond God
Compare the last of the 4 servant songs in the book of isiah with the life of Jesus
This servant song describes a snless servant who by his voluntary suffering atones for the sins of his people Christians belive that this prophesy was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who sufferd and shed his blood on behalf for the forgivenss of sins
explain the conection of the suffering of christians and the suffering of Jesus
Because christans are joined to Christ through baptismthier pains and suffering have meaningand valuefor thier own salvation and the salvation of the world
describe the meaning of the Good Friday liturgy celebrated by the Church
The events of Good Friday focus on Jesus the suffering servant of God we remember that Jesus was not a helpless victom he freely sufferd and gave his life for us
what does INRI stand for?
Jesus the Nazorran, King od the Jews
latain: Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Ludaeorum
how many letters r there n the alphibet?
haha u dont kno
do u like chocolate?