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seven sacraments
baptism, confirmation, eucharist, holy orders, matrimony, pennance (reconciliation) annointing of the sick
aneffective sign given to us by Jesus through which we share in God's life
sanctifying grace
the gift of sharing in God's life that we receive in the sacraments
sacraments of christian initiation
baptism, confirmation, eucharist
sacraments at the service of communion (Service to others)
Holy Orders, Matrimony
sacraments of healing
pennance(reconciliation), annointing the sick
what is christian initiation
the process of becoming a member of the church
when are catholics usually baptized
as infants
what are we freed from when we become members of the church?
original sin and all our personal sins
what is the first sacrament of initiation?
What is the second sacrament of initiation?
In the sacramento of confirmation we are sealed with the....
gift of the holy spirit
WHat is the third sacrament of initiation?
Eucharist is the sacrament of the body and....
blood of Christ
All those who receive the sacraments of initiation are called to
What 3 things make our common vocation?
1) to proclain the good news of christ to all people by what we say and do
2) to share and give witness to our faith
3) to grow in holiness
Who is our model of holiness
WHat is holiness?
sharing in God's goodness and responding to his love by the way we live, our holiness comes through grace
What is our common vocation?
the call to holiness and evangelization that Christians share
Jesus' actions were a sign of his saving ....
How was Jesus's saving work accomplished?
Through his suffering, death and resurrection
We learn from the gospels that many people....
believed in Jesus
Who did Jesus give authority to to forgive and heal in his name?
the apostles
What happens during reconciliation or pennance?
We confess our sins and our forgiven
Who forgives our sins?
Preists forgive us in place of Jesus
What happens after we are forgivin?
Our relationship with God and the church is made whole again
Who is given annointing of the sick?
Those who are very ill and those who are near death
What happens in annointing of the sick?
the priest annoints the person and prays for his or her health. They are given the grace to deal with their ilness with hope. Their faith is strengthened
What can those who are very ill remember?
that Jesus suffered for us
What can we do for the sick?
We can visit and comfort them
What happens in Holy Orders?
Men are called to serve in the church as bishops, priests or deacons
the bishops are successors to the...
priests are ___________ of the bishops
Deacons __________ the priests and bishops
What happens in the sacrament of matrimony?
man and woman pledge to love each other as God has loved them. They promise to be faithful
WHat is a vocation?
a calling to a way of life
What are some different callings?
single life, married life, religious service ot priesthood
Who guides us to discover our vocation?
the Holy Spirit
T or F
Saint Paul instituted the sacraments so his work would continue
False - Jesus did
T or F

The church celebrates Holy Orders and Matrimony as sacraments of service to others
T or F
Reconciliation and annointing of the sick are 2 ways the church celebrates Jesus' healing power
T or F
The sacraments of christian initiation are baptism, Eucharist and matrimony?
False - They are Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
The gift of sharing in God's life that we receive in the sacraments
sanctifying grace
sharing god's goodness and responding to his love by the way we live, this comes through grace
the process of being a member of the church through whish we share God's life
the call to holiness and evangelization that all christians share
common vocation