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Who was King Solomon?
A powerful ruler of Israel who built many projects bt was hard on the people, made them pay lots of taxes and work long hours
Who was Rehoboam
Solomon's son who became king and made the people work even harder and pay even more taxes
What is idolatry?
Giving worship to a creature or thing instead of God - is forbidden in the First Commandment
How did the leaders of Israel and Judah fail their people?
They led them away from God - they did not worship God, or give him thanks.
What did Ahab do that so was evil?
He married a foreign princess named Jezebel who worshipped a false God and took Ahab away from God
How did God try to save the people of Israel?
He sent prophets to guide them in his ways, to be faithful to God.
Who was the first prophet?
Elijah, whose name means "Yahweh is my God". He called the people to faith in the one true God.
Who did Elijah annoint?
How did the Israeli people get back to God?
Jehu killed Jezebel and most of the rest of Ahab's family in 842 BC and destroyed all the false gods, false priests and made himself King
What was the Golden Age?
Jehoash and Jeroboam II had reigns of power and prosperity and peace.
Who killed people who believed in the one true God?
What was the name of Ahab's wife?
What was the name of the false god Jezebel and Ahab worshipped?
Who taught people to be faithful to the Covenent?
Ellijah was able to annoint others to be prophets. Who did he annoint?
Why were Ahab's sons unsuccessful in leading their people back to God after Ahab died?
Because Jezebel was still in power and prevented them.
In what year did Jezebel and her family die?
842 BC
How was Jezebel and her family killed?
They were killed by Jehu, a powerful general.
The name Ellijah means what?
Yahweh is my God.
After Jezebel & her family were killed, who annointed himself as king?
The period of power and prosperity was under which king?
Who was king after Jehoash?
Jeroboam II
Many people were poor and social injustice ran rampant during what time period?
The Golden Age
In 724 BC who attacked Israel, captured the king and occupied all land except Somaria, the capital?
The capital of Israel fell in what year?
721 BC
Who was a prophet who kept records and was a shepherd?
Who was married to Gomar?
Being called to act justly, and stand up for what is good and right is called
Social Justice
Giving worship to a creature or thing instead of God is called
Using God's name in vain
Who took away all false gods and was faithful to the 1 true God?
Who's message was that God would use foreign nations to make Judah pure and once again faithful to God's commands?
A caling to do God's will is called
By 640 B.C., ehat started falling apart?
The Assyrian Empire
What is a remnent?
a sall peice left over from something larger
Who banned all false practices?
teachings that popes have sent in letter form to the whole church
What assists people outside of the US that are poor or in need in any way?
Catholic Relife Services (CRS)
The Isrealites that was let away by the Assyrians were never seen again. These people are called what?
The Ten lost tribes of Isreal