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What were the two trees in the Garden of Eden that man was forbidden to eat from?
The Tree of Life & The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Two reasons Why God Created These Trees?
To teach obedience
To give a choice of following and loving God, or not
Reason man ate the fruit?
Man's Self worship
To be like God w/o being w/ God
Not respecting the limits placed on our relationship w/ God/
What is sin?
An unloving choice and the unloving actions that come from the unloving choice. The choice to disobey God, to turn away from God, other people, ourselves, and the world.
What are other definitions of sin?
A fracture or total break in our relationship w/ God

A loss of innocence

Disobedience towards GOD
What are the two types of sin?
Venial- fracture
Mortal- a complete break
How did evil enter the world?
What did it cause?
Through the: Free Will of Man

What are the stories of de-creation?
Adam & Eve
Cain & Abel
Tower of Babel
What is the difference between Evolution and Creationism?
Creationism- non-rational
What does anthropomorphic mean?
Making a non human creature into a human depiction.
What Can Science and Religion Tell Us?
Science- can tell us HOW
Religion-Can tell us WHY
What are the Problems With Evolution?
Problem of Complexification
-i.e. The Law of Biogenesis

What environmental factor can lead to reason...

How can a mutation affect the form...